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Austria: Linz warns residents of power outages

Power outage scenario

Fear of power outages in Austria – Linz is now warning its residents with a poster

According to some experts, blackouts are only a matter of time. For this reason, the Austrian city of Linz is already preparing for a possible crisis scenario.


The Austrian city of Linz warns its residents of an impending power outage.


  • The current state of the power supply is not stable.

  • So experts warn of an imminent blackout.

  • In Austria, some authorities and companies are already working on the concept of a possible crisis scenario.

We should soon feel the ongoing energy crisis: According to some experts, it is no longer a matter of if there will be blackouts, but only when. The Austrian city of Linz takes this into account and informs its residents of what is possible Consequences of power outagesas reported by

In the past few months, the city of Linz has developed its own concept of emergencies. As part of this initiative, she put up six posters and posted the most important information on the Internet. A common alert and alarm system is already in place throughout Austria and local contact points are ready for use in emergency situations.

The Spar supermarket chain is also concerned about power outages

The city of Linz is not alone in fearing possible power outages that may be imminent. Also this Crisis management in the Spar supermarket chain In Austria, it was already preparing for large-scale power outages – already in July last year.

In consultation with the government, Spar’s Crisis Management has defined work instructions for all the workforce in the event of widespread power outages. “We are preparing the workforce and the company for all possible scenarios, including power outages,” said Spar spokesman Lukas Wiesmüller in July 2022.

The first signs of a power outage?

A test run in case of possible power outages has already been carried out in the recent past: The power outage paralyzed two districts in Vienna on Wednesday afternoon. According to Wiener Netze, about 350 families in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus and Ottakring were affected by the failure. The lights and hair dryer were also out at Stadthallenbad. However, this outage is likely not related to the ongoing energy crisis. Technicians currently assume that a faulty transformer is the trigger.

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