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Assault trial: Zverev also fights charges in Australia

Assault trial: Zverev also fights charges in Australia

A personal injury trial in Berlin at the end of May concerns Alexander Zverev at the Australian Open in Melbourne. In press conferences on Tuesday, several tennis experts were asked whether it was appropriate for Zverev to be a member of the ATP's player council, given the ongoing proceedings. Zverev was also spoken to after his first-round win over Dominic Koper.

“Why shouldn't it be?” Zverev answered a question from an Australian journalist. He has no doubt that his colleagues will continue to support his position in the players' group. “I have no reason not to believe it,” Zverev said. “Nobody told me anything.” Professionals such as Britain's Cameron Norrie or Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov responded by avoiding the topic due to insufficient information.

Alexander Zverev will go on trial in Berlin in May

Zverev, 26, is accused of physically abusing a woman during an argument in Berlin in May 2020. The party allegedly injured appears as a co-plaintiff in the proceedings. Zverev is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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Diergarten District Court announced Monday that the trial will begin on May 31. Initially, eight days of talks are scheduled till July 19. Zverev doesn't have to be. (jh/dpa)