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Asia Cup: South Korea beat Australia after extra time

Asia Cup: South Korea beat Australia after extra time

As in the round of 16, it looked like Klinsmann and South Korea would be eliminated for a long time in the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup. However, a late penalty brought extra time against Australia in which Sonne made it 2-1.

Penalty taken, free kick converted: Heung-min Son leads South Korea to victory against Australia
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A quarter-final favorite before the fight, Australia showed no sign of weakness during the tournament. In the last group game against Uzbekistan, when progress was already assured, one goal was scored (1:1), and the rest of the games were won by zero – including the round of 16 against Indonesia. Compared to a safe 4-0, Graham Arnold made four changes: St Paul's Metcalf, Atkinson, Goodwin and Duke replaced Jones, McCree, Bos and Forneroli.

The opposition from South Korea was a bit tough earlier. In the group stage they lost points against Jordan (2:2) and Malaysia (3:3) and finished second. In the round of 16, they needed an equalizer in the 9th minute of stoppage time to beat Saudi Arabia 4–2 on penalties. Jurgen Klinsmann made three changes to his team: Mainz Lee, Freiburg's Jeong and Jung sat on the bench for Park, Hwang and Cho.

South Korea took control of the game but found little way to break through the Socceroos' defensive bulwarks. Metcalfe, on the other hand, was particularly noticeable but failed from distance early on (17th) and missed from the penalty spot moments later when goalkeeper Joe Goodwin deflected a deflected shot into the middle (19th).

Goodwin takes advantage of Hwang's mistakes

On the other side the net fumbled for the first time, but the flag went up. Seoul are offside as they break through the defense into the penalty area – (31') His brilliant cross is not helped by Hee-Shan Hwang who manages to slot home. Just before half-time, In-byom Hwang was fouled in his own penalty area and played the ball into Goodwin's legs. After a quick mix-up through Duke, Metcalf and Atkinson to cross from the right, Goodwin finished with a volley at the second post and put Australia ahead shortly before half-time (42').

Jürgen Klinsmann had to come up with something as his selection – apart from the offside goal – failed to score a goal in the first half. On the restart, his South Koreans looked a little more determined, but the first high-profile player was from Australia. Boyle was twice denied by goalkeeper Joe, and at the third attempt Duke fired the ball over the bar (54').

South Korea equalized again late on

Australia backed down and let the South Koreans come. Sometimes they even settled for a final third, but ultimately with the central defender duo of Souter and Rawls it was almost always the end of the line. Kang-in Lee's chip was the only danger, but Jae-sung Lee put the ball too far in the penalty area (78th). Meanwhile, the Socceroos clawed the game back with quick counter-attacks. At the end of a very promising counter-attack, Duke had to nod in from close range but missed the target with a diving header (84th) and the associated early finish.

So the game was wide open – and South Korea struck again late in stoppage time. Miller awarded the penalty by bringing down Son, who was actually quite unsteady on the left, with his long leg in the penalty area. Former Leipzig player Hee-Shan Hwang stepped up and took his country to extra time (90+6).

Son score, O'Neill flies

The South Koreans stayed there on impulse. Hee-Shan Hwang forced Ryan into a save after ten meters out. The keeper was also on hand for the rebound, which Kang-in Lee brought home from a tight angle (95th). Just before the break, the captain took over. After a foul on Hee-Shan Hwang, Son curled a free kick from 17 meters over the wall from the left. Ryan came close but could not prevent the South Koreans from taking the lead (104').

It got even worse: In stoppage time in the first half of overtime, O'Neal caught his opponent Hee-Shan Hwang in the ankle with his open foot. After a VAR check, the Australian was sent off with a red card (105th + 4).

So outnumbered Australia were forced to flip the switch again. A hurdle the Socceroos could not overcome. South Korea didn't concede anything in the second half either and could have decided the game early instead. However, Son (113th) and Kang-in lost to Lee and Yang (119th), keeping the score at 2-1.

Australians around St Paul's Irvine and Metcalf and Wiesbaden's Irvine, who were not in the quarter-final, will have to go home. South Korea, on the other hand, face Jordan in the first semi-final on Tuesday (4pm) – but without the suspended Min-Jae Kim from Munich, who received a caution just before the end of regular time.