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A New Vacation Destination Trend Is “Getting Unbearable”

A New Vacation Destination Trend Is “Getting Unbearable”

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New party spot: In Rimini, the locals are increasingly partying late at night at the beach bars. (iconic image) © IMAGO / Independent Photo Agency Int.

In Rimini, people party until late at night. Recently in beach bars. Not everyone in an Italian holiday destination likes it.

Rimini – A successful party holiday needs many components. Including the occasional spirits, but mostly summer, sun, sand and sea. And not only on islands known for their locations like Mallorca and Ibiza, but also in Rimini in Italy. Because even in the city on Italy’s Adriatic coast, the hottest nights of the year are all about partying—not least by young vacationers. Germany And Austria.

However, they celebrate themselves and their lives for a long time on the beach in Italy, where they also feel very well entertained. And so regularly. It is clearly too long. At least this is the opinion of some decision makers who want to put an end to the nightly hustle and bustle of beach bars with loud music, such as the Austrian News Agency APA mentioned.

Italy: Dispute over Rimini beach parties – Mayor points out regulations

The city’s mayor, Cemil Sadikulvad, was quoted as saying “The beach cannot become an open-air disco, the regulations forbid it.” “Sure, this kind of offer is profitable for some beach bars, but there must be rules,” says the politician, who recently made headlines when he invited Health Minister Karl Lauterbach to Rimini in a public letter – in German. It was in response to tweets from SPDThe politician who Italy Because of the increasing heat in southern Europe Not as a future vacation destination be seen.

According to the report, due to rampant beach partying, the municipality in Italy requires seaside bars to close by 9pm at the latest. Possibly in the spirit of Gianni Endino. “In some areas of Rimini, thousands of people dance in the afternoon and late at night, especially on weekends, and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” the president of the Association of Disco Operators criticized. They fear losing sales due to recent developments.

Video after Italy’s tweet – Mayor Lauterbach invites to Rimini

Italy: Rimini beach parties until late at night: “the situation has become unbearable”

“From the port down the beach has become one big open-air nightclub,” Endino complains about extravagant parties in an Italian cult town: “The situation with beach bars open at night has become unbearable.” To him, not many tourists would do, but above all, the locals turn night into day in beach bars and blow their noses in discotheques. This is why Endino stresses: “The rules must be observed.”

Will a tough campaign including a deadline for beach bars benefit many of the famous discos? Sites in the party’s stronghold of Italy, which was the victim of a flood disaster just a few weeks ago, are now said to be too expensive for many young men. This is one of the reasons why the beach is increasingly turning into a place where monsters yearn in the evenings. (mg)