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A new symbol has appeared on WhatsApp: it means a small wave in group chats

A new symbol has appeared on WhatsApp: it means a small wave in group chats

The new button is now visible in large WhatsApp group chats. Here you can find out what the new wave symbol is all about.

Meta has made changes to Messenger group chats with a new WhatsApp update, according to reports.WABetaInfo“…They now receive the voice chat function, which is operated via a button with a wave icon. The function was already introduced from WhatsApp to X (formerly Twitter) in mid-November. Announce It is now available on the first devices. The button is located in the group header to the right of the group name, where the phone receiver and camera can be seen.

Start voice chat by clicking on the wave icon. After clicking, a bar will appear above the group name showing how many group members are currently in the voice chat. Here you can also send a message yourself using the microphone or leave the conversation by pressing “X”.

Voice Message Routing on WhatsApp: Push messages instead of ringing the phone

WhatsApp's new functionality aims to simplify communication in large groups.

Photo: Wapita Info

However, the functionality is not visible in all groups. Voice chats are intended for large groups, usually more than 32 participants. When you start a voice chat, all group members are notified with a silent push message. Members who have not joined the voice chat can see who is active in the voice chat in the header.

Like other WhatsApp communications, the new voice chats are end-to-end encrypted. However, the feature will not be available via paired devices at this time. Voice chats will be available for all Android and iOS devices over the next few days.

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