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A drunk man destroys the airport gate due to extra baggage fees

A drunk man destroys the airport gate due to extra baggage fees

On Thursday, a 26-year-old man vandalized a gate at Mallorca Airport. According to the newspaper “Diario de Mallorca”, the reason for the tantrum was paying additional fees for the man’s luggage. The Civil Guard arrested the rioter.

The 26-year-old wanted to take off from Mallorca early on Thursday morning towards Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. The airline he was flying, according to Ultima Hora, which he was flying with Ryanair, is said to have asked him to pay for his hand luggage.

It is not known why the airline charged the additional fee. According to the Mallorca Zeitung newspaper, it is possible that he simply forgot to reserve the bag. Because: The man was resistant to cold.

An airline employee also noticed this. He apparently told the man that Ryanair wouldn’t let a drunk person on the plane anyway. The man then took off his shirt and began rioting at Gate C-62.

Once he got angry, the man was unable to stop him and started dismantling the interior. According to Bild, he also smashed a computer with a glass panel and destroyed a printer.

He also slightly injured an airline employee with a punch. He is also said to have attacked other passengers who tried to calm them down.

The police were finally able to overpower the rioter and arrest him. He now has to stand trial in court for minor bodily harm, damage to property and disturbance of the peace.