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15,000 games can be played on Steam Deck

15,000 games can be played on Steam Deck

Valve has reached another milestone with its Steam Deck laptop and Linux distribution SteamOS and now has over 15,000 verified or playable games from its massive game catalog Steam. 80 percent of all games evaluated by Valve have already received a “verified” or “playable” seal.

Proton as a key to play on Linux

Two game databases provide an overview of all 4,900 verified games and 10,106 playable games. SteamDB And Proton DB Plus an overview page for the Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED compatibility program. In total, more than 15,000 games from the Steam library now run pretty much flawlessly under Linux, SteamOS, and Valve's laptops.

  • Operable steam platform: 10,106 matches
  • Steam surface verified: 4900 games
  • Total vapor surface: 15,006 games

The key to gameplay on Linux is still the Proton API developed by Valve in collaboration with CodeWeavers, which in turn is based on the Windows-compatible Wine operating environment. The biggest remaining limitation of the Proton API is the anti-cheat tools.

Proton is now completely official Easy to fight fraud Also from Epic Games BattleEye However, game developers have to provide compatible and proper support for Linux in their games. on Collect for players the current status of gaming compatibility with anti-cheat.

ProtonDB offers amazing numbers

Additionally, 77 percent of the top 1,000 on Steam are now rated “Platinum” or “Gold” in terms of compatibility. If you add the “Silver” rating, which still requires minor tweaks, 87 percent of all games on the Top 1,000 list will run without any issues under Linux.

Source: BroughtonDB

AAA games like Diablo 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, GTA 4, and Elden Ring already have a “Steam Deck Verified” rating and – assuming the correct distribution – sometimes run faster than on Windows.

Windows + Linux

Windows vs Linux in gaming: Grand Standard Marathon

Linux-powered gaming, especially with the help of Proton via the Steam game distribution platform, is currently on the rise and can now hold its own alongside Windows, as PCGH's big “Windows vs. Linux” benchmark marathon demonstrates.

In order to achieve the best Linux performance, gamers should also look at alternative OS kernels that are specifically optimized for gaming, as PCGH discovered in the corresponding comparison test.

Gaming under Linux: Which gaming kernel provides the best performance?

The ideal starting point for a high-performance Linux-based gaming system is the Nobara Linux 39 gaming distro, which is the current reference and also used for the editorial team's benchmarks.

Your opinion is needed!

What do you think about gaming on Linux? Is a free operating system the alternative for you or do you prefer Windows 10 and Windows 11? The editorial team would be happy to hear your well-founded opinion in the comments on this report. To comment you must log in to or the Extreme forum. If you don't have an account yet, you can Register here. Those in effect Forum rules You should have read this and noticed it.

source: SteamDB, ProtonDB via GamingOnLinux