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1. Zermatt/Cervinia training – only Stridinger and Aliud are faster than the man behind them – Sport

1. Zermatt/Cervinia training – only Stridinger and Aliud are faster than the man behind them – Sport


Nils Hintermann sets the highest time in the first practice session for the new downhill race in Zermatt/Cervinia.


I found my way around Zermatt right away

Niels Hintermann.

Fresh Fox/Sven Thomann

Of course, training times should be enjoyed with caution. For example, with Henrik von Appen (Chile), Ilian Lehto (Finland) and surprise Italian Benjamin Jacques Allud in second place, three outside players with starting numbers exceeding 40 managed to make it into the top six in the first training session at the Gran Pica “. “In Zermatt/Cervinia.

However, it can be assumed that Niels Hintermann’s route is located on the Matterhorn. The man from Zurich finished his first test drive in third place, with the fastest being Austrian Otmar Stridinger, who was 37 hundredths behind him. Florian Schieder (ITA) in fourth place has already lost 0.85 seconds.

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Follow the Men’s World Cup races in Zermatt/Cervinia on Saturday and Sunday live on SRF Channel 2 (from 11:30 am) And in sports application. You can watch the final training live stream without commentary from 11.30am on Friday.

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However, for many athletes, the first training at the foot of the Matterhorn had a drawback: 32 of the 82 riders at the start – including Stridinger and Alliud – missed at least one gate. So, in the end, Hintermann was the “real” No. 1.

The Swiss said afterwards: “It’s a very informal route, and it’s a little faster than I thought when I visited. It means you have to work constantly. But the case is exceptional.”

Odermatt and Kjeld are not among the fastest yet

With Stephane Rogentin in eighth place, another Swiss reached the top ten (+1.19). Marco Odermatt lost 1.61 seconds and came in sixteenth, just ahead of Alexis Moni (19th). Alexander Kjeld (NOR), who dominated the pace last season, took it easy and finished the race in 25th place, more than two seconds behind Ralf Webber.

Two more training sessions are scheduled for Thursday and Friday before things get serious on Saturday and Sunday. Both flights are scheduled for 11:30 am.