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With disadvantages: Twitch offers bans for unwanted viewers

With disadvantages: Twitch offers bans for unwanted viewers

Twitch streamers in the future should be able to partially block unwanted viewers from watching their broadcasts. The company announced it In a stream called “Debug Notes”., which regularly reports on updates to the platform. According to the information, viewers can rule out from the start that some people will watch the broadcast.


The new feature is scheduled to be rolled out in September. If you are banned in the chat, you will not be able to access the broadcast. To do this, however, the new option must be activated once in the supervision settings. Moderators and live broadcasters can run the block. It is intended to help reduce bullying on the platform. In recent years, Twitch has received a lot of feedback from users hoping for more extensive protection.

However, the new lock only applies to logged-in users – thus it can be easily circumvented by logging troublemakers out. It also does not initially apply to post-watching, highlights and clips, although Twitch intends to gradually expand the functionality in the future.


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