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VR-Bank Morschen is changing its location

VR-Bank Morschen is changing its location

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From now on VR-Bank Platz: Board member Dominik Hartung (left) and Mayor Roland Zobel at the unveiling of the street sign. © Eki Rostmeier

The branch is now located in the former Sparkasse building, on the former “Sparkassenplatz”. VR-Bank campaigned for the renaming.

Altmorschen – VR-Bank Morschen celebrated the opening of its branch that moved from Posthofstrasse. The new location is the former Kreissparkasse building in Altmorschen.

However, officials at VR-Bank considered its official title “Sparkassenplatz 1” inappropriate – and with the help of the city administration, they renamed it. Recently, during the opening ceremony, Mayor Roland Zobel unveiled the new street sign bearing the inscription: “VR-Bank Platz.”

“The main reason for the move was that the old two-storey building was too large,” explained VR Bank board member Dominik Hartung. The upper floor remained largely unused for years. “We thought about renting the floor as living space. But that was too sensitive for us,” Hartung said.

If the criminals had blown up the ATM on the ground floor of the old branch, the lives and health of the people living above it would have been at risk. Moving to the new location would bring with it a number of advantages: the former Savings Bank’s rooms are more modern, the building is well located, and access is barrier-free.

According to Hartung, the total €400,000 that VR-Bank invested in the change of location, which flowed into a newly created office space, for example, was a clear signal to its clients: “We have come to stay,” explains Hartung. .

Savings Bank customers don’t have to get used to the new name of the box and the blue and orange bank on it for now: The Savings Bank machine for statements and transfers will remain there for a while. The VR-Bank deposit and withdrawal machine can also be used by Savings Bank card holders. This is “at no additional cost,” Hartung said.

Mayor Roland Zobel was pleased with VR-Bank’s commitment to Morschen. The fact that the city maintains a “fully functioning office is a big plus,” the mayor said. It is especially important that children and young people are able to make their first contact with the topic of finances in personal conversations.