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Two-Night Round: Katarina Schmid only in 12th place – Nika Prevc wins – Sports

Two-Night Round: Katarina Schmid only in 12th place – Nika Prevc wins – Sports

She is the youngest in the family, as all three brothers practice ski jumping. Peter, Sini and Domen Prevc have lived many great moments in their discipline, especially Peter Prevc who won the Four Hills Championship in the winter of 2015/2016 and achieved various successes in the World Championships and the Olympics. But the three failed to do one thing, just like most other athletes: win the premiere of an entirely new competition format. Younger sister Nika Prevc made it on Saturday evening.

This format is called TNT, and is advertised as the “Two Nights Tour”. So it is only half a round, therefore controversial and should be expanded and improved as quickly as possible, but for many jumpers it is now seen as the first step towards equality. The best German jumper Catharina Schmid and other good jumpers criticize that the path to a serious women's tour has not been determined in advance. But it seems that they are now thinking about the future and want to make the best of the situation – that is, they want to work towards equal rights on the women's tour and, if possible, a tour in 2024 with the men.

In the current first stop in Garmisch on Saturday, the women proved that they are capable of putting on an exciting competition. Norwegian Irene Maria Kvandal took second place behind Nika Breivk, ahead of Abigail Stratt (Canada) and Eva Pinkelnig from Austria. The Germans, who barely cracked the top 10 this winter after the successes of the previous season, will have to systematically rebuild their form. Second place in Garmisch was Selina Freitag (Awe) who finished second in the DSV Championship in 21st, ahead of Julian Seyfarth (Ruhla) (23rd) and Anna Rupprecht (Degenfeld) (26th).

Coach Thomas Goffinger's top jumper was also disappointed. Once again, Katharina Schmid (ex-Althaus) from Oberstdorf had nothing to do with the podium in 12th place on the first leg. “I lack a little self-confidence,” she said, but the trend may already be a start because “the second jump was better.”