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There is no longer space in the Karben gyms

There is no longer space in the Karben gyms

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He presses

Martin Main and Natalia Grauberger criticize the current situation regarding the capacity of Karben sports halls. The association has to impose an admission freeze because no more new courses can be offered. © Patrick Koboch

Karben gyms are full. Full of. Sports clubs are given less time for courses and training sessions in halls. One of the reasons for the problem is the lack of sports infrastructure, criticizes the board of directors of the Gross Karpen Gymnastics Society.

The Groß-Karben Gymnastics Society (TG) Board meets every two weeks in the small sports hall and in the clubhouse in the Groß-Karben Park. Every Thursday morning, current topics and plans for the club are discussed here. The problem that the Board of Directors has long had around the first president, Martin Main, is the lack of capacity in the Karben gyms. TG Club and other recreational sports clubs depend on the spaces in the halls. Gymnastics, especially competitive gymnastics, can only be trained in a suitable sports facility with the appropriate equipment. “Our hall in Groß-Karben does not have enough space for this purpose,” says Dieter Kaltwasser, head of the second TG company.

Criticism of residential area planning

The reasons for the lack of capacity in gyms are varied, as revealed in a conversation with the Board of Directors of TG Groß-Karben. “The number of residents and families with children in Karpen has increased significantly in recent years,” says Natalia Grauberger, Head of the Children's Gymnastics Department. This initially appears to be a positive factor. But when planning new residential areas, one point was criminally neglected: sports infrastructure. “The city has neglected to build more sports halls, which all the clubs urgently need,” says Grauberger, pointing to the “better design of the new development areas” in Bad Vilbel. In the neighboring municipality there is no struggle over places in gyms.

Another factor is the increase in all-day offerings in schools. » School halls were available for clubs from three in the afternoon. “Nowadays nothing happens before 5:30 p.m.,” says Dagmar Heber, head of the TG office. This is a “disaster,” especially for children's gymnastics, Grauberger says. The afternoon period between 4 and 6pm is ideal for children aged between one and nine years. If classes start early, it will be very difficult for working parents to take their children to training. “Training sessions after 6 p.m. don't make any sense, because very young children go to bed early,” says Grauberger. The demand for children's gymnastics courses is very high. Parents regularly contact the Head of Department and ask if places are available. “We have kids who have been on the waiting list for a year and a half and want to do gymnastics,” Grauberger says.

The most obvious solution seems to be to build new gyms in Karben. The judge also recognized this and presented a plan to build a new three-court sports hall in Kloppenheim last December. Financial claims are still to be clarified with the previous owner of the proposed property (as reported by this newspaper). “This is not a short-term solution either. “If all goes smoothly, the hall will not be ready until summer 2027,” says Kaltwasser. “Even if the halls of the Kurt Schumacher School and the Selzerbach School are renovated, the situation will not change,” Min adds.

Collaboration with gymnasts in Nieder Florstadt

TG Groß-Karben does everything it can to enable members to train and participate in gymnastics. For example, the gym is used in Groß-Ostheim. “We have also entered into cooperation with the Nieder Florstadt Sports Association,” says Kaltwasser. This is to ensure that the two teams are able to continue competing in the state league. Deficits in TG meeting are marked. The situation seems difficult. Maine is in contact with Mayor Guido Ran, but solutions must be found. The worst scenario has not yet been reached. “If the situation does not improve or even gets worse, the sport will have to be cancelled,” Grauberger says.