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The upcoming The Quinfall: MMORPG showcases gameplay in two clips

The upcoming The Quinfall: MMORPG showcases gameplay in two clips

Since Vawraek Technology Inc. introduced Developer of the MMORPG The Quinfall, there has been a lot of speculation about the ambitious project. Especially after the disaster surrounding the previous day, many feared that these promises would also be empty.

But The Quinfall could prove that there's more to the project than just plans. The first closed beta for the game took place on January 30, 2024. The second beta has now been announced. It is scheduled to launch on April 10, 2024 and gives a total of 10,000 players the opportunity to get a first impression of the game.

Vawraek also released two new videos to accompany the announcement of the second beta. These show the first gameplay scenes. In the first of the two clips, the focus is clearly on the character editor. As is usual in this type of game, this editor has an extensive design and gives players the opportunity to create a character as individual as possible. For many role-playing game fans, these editors are a big part of the game's appeal. The video, which is about 13 minutes long, shows a look at the tutorial. Acceptance of tasks is offered there as well as various menus. Researching the clan and explaining movement options are also part of the demo. A world map can be seen containing a variety of icons as well as different biomes waiting for the player to explore in the open world. Quinfall offers a housing system. Houses in settlements can be purchased and customized to individual wishes. The video demonstrates that a variety of items and furnishings can be made at home from collected resources.

The following video introduces the clan system and building options in The Quinfall. You can search for clans and request membership in the corresponding list. In addition to member management, possible clan management options also include creating your own flag. Anyone who farms resources such as wood and stone in the world can store them either individually or in a clan chest using the storage system. Players can build their own buildings on land that belongs to their clan. The building menu is very reminiscent of current survival titles like Sons of the Forest. It is currently unknown when exactly The Quinfall will be released. If you want, you can get the title now steam Put on wish list.