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The Siemens Loss Case – Economics

The Siemens Loss Case – Economics

Siemens is not entitled to compensation after losing its fight for a high-speed rail project in Great Britain. London’s High Court dismissed a case brought by Siemens’ rail division against Siemens’ rivals Bombardier (now Alstom) and operator HS2, which had been awarded a £2 billion contract to build 54 trains on the high-speed line from London to Birmingham. Hitachi has forgiven. Part of the order is a twelve-year maintenance contract.

Judge Finola O’Farrell ruled in written proceedings on Monday that Siemens could not prove the contract was awarded illegally. Siemens expressed doubt that Bombardier and Hitachi could meet the technical requirements for the project. They did not adhere to the tender conditions and due to this could only submit the cheapest offer. A spokesman for Siemens Mobility expressed disappointment with the decision.

An HS2 spokesman insisted there was no successful challenger to the award of contracts worth more than £20 billion for the project. Alstom initially declined to comment, and Hitachi could not be reached for comment. 54 trains travel from London to Birmingham, the country’s second largest city, at a speed of 225 miles (360 kilometers) per hour. Hitachi and Alstom intend to build them at three plants in Great Britain.

The high-speed line should actually be completed by 2026 and continue north of England to Leeds and Manchester. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak canceled the second section of the route beyond Birmingham in October.