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The national team after Denmark 0: Goalkeeper coach Voletti is cool ++ Summer is flying ++ Contini works until 3 am

The national team after Denmark 0: Goalkeeper coach Voletti is cool ++ Summer is flying ++ Contini works until 3 am

Goalie coach Patrick Voletti gives himself a cold shock.


Blue Sport reveals what's happening in Nati's camp: Staff 'celebrate' Giorgio Contini's first point with beer, then the new assistant coach has to go to video analysis – almost until 3am. Others bathe in ice water.

President Blanc travels alone

SFV president Dominique Blanc and his deputy Samuel Scheidegger have been with Nati since Friday. Scheidiger will return to Switzerland on Sunday, and Blanc will travel to Dublin with the players and staff. There are usually several federation representatives on site at away matches – in Ireland the SFV delegation consists only of Blanc.

Beer to the point

As new assistant coach Giorgio Contini managed to score his first point in the national team on Saturday evening, the staff toasted with beer. But it's not over yet for Contini, he still has to go to the office to analyze the match. According to Blue Sport information, this continued until three in the morning.

Brrr…Freeze with goalkeeping coach Foletti

Some brave people don't miss the opportunity and jump into the cold lakes of Copenhagen on Sunday before a flight to Ireland. After all, it's supposed to be healthy. Up there with the really strong people: goalkeeping coach Patrick Folletti and media director Adrian Arnold. Foletti calls it “entertainment” on his Instagram profile. Arnold says that even the Valais mountain lake is less cold…

Summer at the airport

The shocking moment on Saturday evening at the Parken Stadium: Yann Sommer had to be substituted because his right foot was twisted while trying to save him. Overnight, the Spanish Football Federation announced that Sommer would return to his club Inter Milan for medical tests. Blue Sport sees the summer at Copenhagen Airport on Sunday morning, our 'No. 1' is confident.

Mfogo in goal

After Gregor Kupil, Sommer is the second goalkeeper to have to leave Nati's camp early. After David von Palmos (for Koppel), Gladbach's goalkeeper Jonas Omlen has now been nominated. However, there are several indications that Yvonne Mvogo will be among the posts against Ireland on Tuesday. Not only because he did his job flawlessly against the Danes, but because his presence was announced at Monday's press conference with Yakin.

Goals against Ireland

The press conference will be held at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin at 4.30pm, followed immediately by the final training session. The start will be on Tuesday evening. Xhaka seemed happy with the defensive performance against Denmark, but he said: “Of course we want to win the matches.”