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The first look at the maps doesn’t show anything new, the fans are still cheering

The first look at the maps doesn’t show anything new, the fans are still cheering

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Modern Warfare 3’s redesigned map has been shown off for the first time. There’s not much to see. However, the fans exploded into storms of cheers.

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Although the release of Modern Warfare 3 is getting closer and closer, Activision has so far offered very little of the shooter. Other than a sneak peek at the campaign, there wasn’t much to see. A new video gives a first look at the revised old maps from MW2. There’s actually not much to see, but fans are still going crazy with joy.

Name of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
launch November 10, 2023
publisher Activision
Row Call of duty
Developer Heavy hammer
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series
Type First person shooter

MW3: First Glimpse Shows Maps – Developers proudly present the new look

This is what the new maps look like: Maps that fans have wanted for years return in Modern Warfare 3. From Afghanistan to the Wastelands, each of the old maps gets a brand new coat of paint. In addition, some maps will be resized. This is shown in the new video on the Call of Duty YouTube channel.

There’s not much to see: However, there’s not much to see in the video. Each map is displayed for only a few seconds at a time. However, the exact size cannot be estimated. However, it can be seen that the maps are significantly more detailed. To be fair, this was to be expected for Modern Warfare 3. Only Highrise – one of the most popular maps of all time – was introduced with some gameplay. The new move that many fans are hoping for can also be seen here.

What maps are coming to Modern Warfare 3?

Upon release, Modern Warfare 3 includes all 16 maps from the old Modern Warfare 2. It has been completely redesigned to suit the modern shooter. They are now more detailed and sometimes a little larger than before. However, some fans are concerned because there is supposedly a hate feature in the remake maps in MW3.

MW3: First look at the maps doesn’t show much – it’s still enough for fans

Still fans are happy: Although there are only small glimpses of individual maps, pure euphoria erupts among fans. Joyful expressions abounded in the comments below the video. “These maps look amazing!“or”I can’t believe it, seeing these maps is pure nostalgia“He says there.

MW3: First look at the revised maps © Activision (montage)

Call of Duty seems to be doing a lot of things on track for its release. MW3 also brings back the popular editing feature that fans are really looking forward to. It remains to be seen whether the maps ultimately work as they seem at first glance. You’ll probably get your first real impression in the Modern Warfare 3 open beta.