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Telegram stories are only available for premium users

Telegram stories are only available for premium users

July 24, 2023 –
As announced, Telegram messaging service has now also activated the story function. However, the feature is currently only available to premium paying customers.

After Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced at the end of June that the messaging service would introduce a story function in July, the time is now, as the company did via Twitter. Communicates. With the new feature, users can share content such as text, images or videos that have been deleted back after a specified period. Currently you can choose between 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours. A separate contact list can be created for each story. As with other providers, you can also post or reply to stories.

However, what was not noticed in the story announcement at the end of June is the fact that posting stories is reserved for premium, paying customers. Those who use the free version of Telegram can only reply to and view the content. If the Create Without Subscription button is clicked, the message “Stories can currently be published to subscribers only” will be displayed. It is not clear if this indicates that the functionality will someday be activated for all users. (research and development)