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Sule criticizes the national team's trip to the United States

Sule criticizes the national team's trip to the United States

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Updated September 7, 2023 at 2:12 p.m

In October, the German national team will test the United States and Mexico, resuming league play after a six-day journey across the Atlantic. National player Niklas Süle sees this critically.

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Niklas Süle criticized the national football team's trip to the United States in October. “This was not well chosen in my opinion,” he said. Sully On Wednesday in Wolfsburg he justified this to some of my Borussia Dortmund teammates who regularly have to travel long distances to attend international matches: “I see it with my teammates who travel somewhere and come back because of jet lag.”

Germany will face the USA in Hartford on October 14 and will face Mexico in Philadelphia on October 17 (local time). Dortmund is waiting to face Werder Bremen on October 20. Before Sule, BVB officials also expressed their criticism.

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Hoffman also points out problems

Jonas Hoffmann noted that the body “weakens” due to this long journey. Goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen “doesn't have an opinion yet” on the matter. However, after long trips to their national teams, their FC Barcelona teammates noted that they couldn't “do what we do” upon their return. (Mr. Juma)

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