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Ski Jumping World Cup 2023/24 results: Raymond celebrates his first podium finish in Lake Placid – Power Wins

Ski Jumping World Cup 2023/24 results: Raymond celebrates his first podium finish in Lake Placid – Power Wins

The men's ski jumping competitions at the 2023/24 World Cup are scheduled to be held in Lake Placid (USA) from February 9 to 11. Results of the evaluation runs on the Big Hill (HS128) can be found here in the winter sports overview.

From February 9-11, men's ski jumping will compete in the 2023/24 Ski Jumping World Cup in Lake Placid. Image: Adobe Stock/Frank1crayon

The challenging 2023/24 World Cup season continues for elite ski jumping: the next men's ski jumping competitions are scheduled for February 9-11, 2024 in Lake Placid (USA).

2023 Ski Jumping World Cup USA: These competitions are coming up for men in Lake Placid

The men's ski jumpers will compete in two qualifying rounds and two evaluation rounds from February 9-11, 2024 in Lake Placid in order to collect valuable World Cup points. There is also a super team jump scheduled for Saturday, February 10. The following overview reveals when the competition will take place and where winter sports fans can experience ski jumping up close thanks to TV or live streaming:

Schedule of the 2023/24 FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Men's in Lake Placid (USA)

date Start (CET) discipline TV broadcast/live broadcast
02/09/2024 11 pm Men's individual jump, big hill HS128, qualified


3:15 pm Men's individual jump on the big hill HS128


RD/das Erst

Live streaming in the ARD media library


11 pm Excellent men's team jump on the big hill HS128 Eurosport1
02/11/2024 2 pm Men's individual jump, big hill HS128, qualified
02/11/2024 3:15 pm Men's individual jump on the big hill HS128 Eurosport1

RD/das Erst

Live streaming in the ARD media library

All information about the Ski Jumping World Cup 2023/24 can be found here at a glance

2023/24 Ski Jumping World Cup in Lake Placid: A quick look at all the USA Men's Ski Jumping results

You'll find out how the ski jumpers perform at competitions in Lake Placid and who will win at USA here shortly after the competitions.

+++ February 11, 2024: Raymond celebrated his first podium finish in Lake Placid +++

Skier Philip Raymond achieved the podium in an individual competition for the first time in his career at the World Cup held in Lake Placid, USA. The 23-year-old showed jumps of 127 and 135 metres, and came in second place, tied with the previous day's winner Lovro Kos (130 and 127.5 metres). The victory went to Austria's Stefan Kraft, the overall World Cup leader, who flew at heights of 130.5 and 126 meters on the Olympic Hill in 1980.

Andreas Wellinger showed a strong comeback. After 120 meters in the first jump, he improved ten places in the final with a distance of 129.5 meters and came in sixth place. The day before, Kraft had been in the lead and had dropped to 24th place, meaning that Wellinger, as his closest rival, was unexpectedly able to gain points in the fight for the overall World Cup. Stefan Leahy (123 and 125.5 metres) came in 13th place. Felix Hoffmann (116.5 and 118 metres) came in 27th place. Karl Geiger (37) was unable to give himself a gift on his 31st birthday. After a jump of just 112 metres, Oberstdorfer missed the final round of the top 30. He shared his fate with veteran Pius Paschke (35), who came out with a distance of 113 metres.

+++ February 11, 2024: Wellinger and Raymond take second place in the Super Team Ski Jumping +++

Skiers Andreas Wellinger and Philipp Raymond took to the podium in the super team event in Lake Placid. The German duo finished second in the USA on Saturday (local time) and had to concede defeat to Stefan Kraft and Michael Haiboeck of Austria by just 0.2 points. The Norwegian team, with Marius Lindvik and Johan Andre Forfang, came in third place. Willinger showed the longest jump of the competition in the final jump of 128 metres, moving Germany up one place.

The super team celebrated its first World Cup appearance in Lake Placid last year. Instead of four athletes, as is usual for a team, this competition only requires two athletes to each complete three jumps. An excellent team ski flying competition is also scheduled to take place in Oberstdorf this winter.

In the individual hill competition in the US state of New York, Fellinger was the best German in seventh place on Saturday afternoon when Slovenian Lovo Kos won. After a weak first jump, Raymond improved a few places and landed in 16th. The World Cup concludes in Lake Placid on Sunday with another individual jump (3:15 p.m. EST).

+++ February 10, 2024: Willinger VII in Lake Placid – Slovenian Kos wins +++

Ski jumper Andreas Fellinger had the best German performance of seventh place in the first individual World Cup competition in Lake Placid, USA. Exactly six years to the day after his Olympic victory, he demonstrated jumps of 121 and 121.5 meters on Saturday. “The jumps weren't very easy or in the right rhythm. I can do it better,” Wellinger said on ARD. Last year, the 28-year-old was able to win on the mound in New York State.

Felix Hoffman (124 and 120.5 metres) achieved the best result of his career in the World Cup, placing eleventh. Behind him was Karl Geiger (12th), who took a step forward again after his recent mixed performances. Today's victory went to Slovenian Lovro Kos, who was able to celebrate his first victory in the World Cup after jumping 123.5 and 125 metres. Japanese Ryuu Kobayashi came in second place, ahead of Norwegian Marius Lindvik.

Overall World Cup leader Stefan Kraft had a bad day. After the Austrian was still in the lead after the first jump at 127.5 metres, he went down a storm in the second round, landing after only 104 metres, and was pushed to 24th place. He also faced Philipp Raymond (16th place) and Pius Paschke (25th place). some problems. Stefan Leahy (33) missed the final round after jumping to a height of only 111 metres.

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