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RTL makes a decision on the summer house: “The season will end faster”

RTL makes a decision on the summer house: “The season will end faster”

Attention “Summer House of the Stars” fans: From now on there’s a double dose of tension, anger and trouble. RTL also announced on Monday (October 30, 2023) that the station wants to broadcast not just one, but two episodes of its Westphalia reality series every week from now on.

“Can’t get enough of The Summer House? We don’t! That’s why there are now 2 new episodes every week (Tuesday+Wednesday)! And always in advance on RTL+ in preview. You’re welcome,” RTL wrote via Instagram.

RTL is changing the TV show for The Summer House

Good news for fans who can’t get enough. But it’s also a welcome reason to discuss what’s going on in the Zoff household. “I don’t watch it without Valentina and Gigi anymore, it’s boring. “I can’t care about Serkan, because he’ll probably win now… no thanks,” read the comments below the post, for example.

Or: “Be happy!! Then the season will end faster. She’s been at her wits’ end since her powers ran out.”

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Well, what happened before was also difficult to get past. There was a physical altercation between Gigi Perofo and Kaplan, Valentina Doronina’s boyfriend. The sad, temporary climax of a long quarrel.

Bushido goes to the summer house

So it’s all as usual at the summer house. However, next season may bring more tension. Superstar Bushido has taken up residence in the RTL House of Horrors. “You can see the biggest ‘Summer House of the Stars’ fans sitting here in front of you. I swear to my mom, I really want to get there,” the rapper revealed in an interview.

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So it can be exciting. A spokesman for Radio Cologne revealed: “We do not engage in speculation, but we have to admit that it has its charm.”