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Police permit the burning of the Torah outside the Israeli Embassy

Police permit the burning of the Torah outside the Israeli Embassy


Swedish police permit the burning of the Torah outside the Israeli embassy

After a Koran was burned in Stockholm, the police agreed to another controversial measure: a Jewish Torah and Bible will now be burned in front of the Israeli embassy.


There have been protests against the burning of the Holy Qur’an in Stockholm, for example in Lahore in Pakistan…

France Press agency

  • The Swedish police agreed to burn a Jewish Torah in front of the Israeli embassy.

  • In June, the destruction of a Quran in Stockholm sparked backlash.

  • The President and Ambassador of Israel clearly protested the decision.

after Burning the Quran In front of a Stockholm mosque, the planned burning of the Hebrew Torah in front of the Israeli embassy is causing outrage. Stockholm police granted permission on Friday to a 30-year-old applicant to hold a public gathering in which he wants to burn a Torah and a Bible. The procedure is scheduled to take place tomorrow, Saturday, in front of the Israeli embassy in the Swedish capital. It is unclear if this is the same man who applied for the permit in January. At the time, a 34-year-old Egyptian writer living in Sweden was behind the request.

So the current applicant should consider the hike in reaction to the action at the end of June. The goal is to “expose Swedish hypocrisy”. Burning of the holy books of Islam was common among Muslims both abroad and within Sweden Anger and protests guided.

Official Israel is terrifying

“As President of the State of Israel, I deplored the burning of the Qur’an, sacred to Muslims around the world, and my heart now interprets that the same fate awaits the Jewish Bible, the eternal book of the Jewish people.” Israeli President Isaac Herzog on friday with

“Allowing sacred texts to be distorted is not an exercise in freedom of speech, but clear incitement and an act of pure hate,” said Herzog. The whole world must come together and unequivocally condemn this “heinous act”. Ziv Nevo Coleman, the Israeli ambassador to Stockholm, was also dumbfounded.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on Twitter: “The State of Israel takes this shameful decision, which harms the holy of holies of the Jewish people, very seriously.” Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen urged the Swedish authorities to prevent the arson.

As early as April 2022, Swedish-Danish politician and politician Rasmus Paludan burned Qurans in several places in Sweden. Even then there was a backlash in the Muslim world.

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