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Olympia 2021: Trump fans celebrate the end of Team USA

Olympia 2021: Trump fans celebrate the end of Team USA

The US soccer team withdrew from the 2021 Olympics and is now being mocked by Trump supporters.

TOKYO – They really wanted to play for gold. Now the US women’s soccer team has been eliminated from the semi-finals at the 2021 Olympics. Players will be upset about losing to Canada themselves. It doesn’t make matters any better that some supporters of former US President Donald Trump are now celebrating exactly this defeat.

Users on Twitter are making fun of the US women’s team’s departure. They use it to raise their “Make America Great Again” slogan. Television presenters who support Trump have also stirred up the mood against the American team. Journalist Brigitte Gabriel also commented on Twitter: “This is what happens when you put political propaganda over sports and hard work.”

Olympia 2021: Conservative Trump supporters: An inside stand against the US soccer team

According to the Portal Independent, the South African lawyer mocked the fact that the Canadian team did not share the views of the US team and did not demonstrate against racism before the match. The lawyer ignored the fact that neither team got to their knees.

The conservative Maga community’s mockery of American footballers has gone so far that one of them has been mocked in public on websites. For example, the phrase “Miss Purple and her team of warriors falling on their faces fell hair” could be read.

Olympia 2021: USA with a good Olympic record

Even if the conservative group that has Donald Trump supporters used the departure of the women’s soccer team to raise the mood against their political issues, many athletes have already campaigned against racism during the Olympics.

The United States finished second in Group G in the knockout stage of the 2021 Olympic Football Tournament. Before the matches, Team USA was ranked number one in the world. Followed by Germany and France. The Olympic success story is also impressive. By 2012, the United States managed to win gold medals three times in a row. (Pia Ewald)