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Now a British couple is commenting on allegations of theft in Crete

Now a British couple is commenting on allegations of theft in Crete

A Facebook post by a waitress from Crete caused a sensation: she accused a British couple of fraud – and now they’re taking a stand.

A British holidaying couple are defending themselves against fraud claims. – Facebook screenshot

The basics in a nutshell

  • Allegations have recently been made against a British couple on holiday.
  • They are said to have refused to pay their food bills in Crete.
  • The couple responds to the accusations: What they are accused of is not true.

Watch this couple! After they finish their meal, they refuse to pay.” An employee of a Cretan pub warned other restaurants about the notorious British couple on Facebook.

This is said to have cheated three taverns in Koutoulafari out of money during their holiday in Crete. According to the accusation, they did it uncreatively with the same trick: the couple would always complain loudly after dinner and leave the restaurant without paying.

But now, the alleged fraudsters are speaking out. According to a report in the Daily Mail, vacationers should have been aware of no guilt: “We never left anywhere without paying the bill.”

The allegations are not true

“What we are accused of is simply not true,” I.M. told the newspaper. “It would be impossible to leave a restaurant without paying because everyone knows each other there.” In only one restaurant did the couple refuse to pay the bill.

There, the couple complained to a waitress about the poorly prepared chicken and fries in the AM. However, the Liverpool couple resisted paying for the meal. In the total bill, which you wanted to pay anyway, that would have been only twelve euros out of the 52 euros.

But when the situation escalated in a conversation with the restaurant manager, the couple gave in and paid the full bill. When the restaurant owner threatened to call the police, AM panicked: “We didn’t want to get into trouble with the police, so we paid the bill in full.”

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The couple doesn’t want to be in other restaurants where they are accused of the same thing. EM: “Why didn’t they call the police if we had already left without paying?”

Regular guests in Crete for 35 years

In the aftermath, I.M. was particularly disturbed by the fact that this pursuit had damaged the couple’s reputation. They love Crete and have been visiting the Greek holiday island for 35 years.

The report did not definitively state whether the allegations against the British couple were unfounded. The question of whether the restaurant employee or the couple is lying remains open.