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News from Krugelplatz |  Episode 9: FCM home win against Hertha Berlin: 10-goal madness from Magdeburg

News from Krugelplatz | Episode 9: FCM home win against Hertha Berlin: 10-goal madness from Magdeburg

Effective: September 3, 2023 at 1:00 p.m

Fans of 1. FC Magdeburg will remember this match for a long time: they trailed four times and still beat the Bundesliga side that eventually relegated Hertha Berlin. Magdeburg goal scene in podcast analysis.

Written by Daniel George, Ph.D., Saxony-Anhalt

In the end, there was only cheering. And relief. And also some surprise about what just happened on the lawn at MDCC Arena.

1. Magdeburg won 6:4 Saturday afternoon against the relegated team in the Bundesliga Hertha Berlin from Berlin – Despite the home team trailing four times in front of 26,872 spectators. A match that Magdeburg fans will remember for a long time.

FCM experts Guido Hinch and Daniel George break down the Top 10 scene in the podcast, talking about 1. FC Magdeburg’s strong start to the season and looking ahead to the next event.

Episode 9 of “News from KrugelplatzIn three headings:

1.) The almost irrepressible morale of FCM professionals – from minute 3:00

Does Guido Hinch remember having such an amazing game in the MDCC arena? FCM experts address this question at the beginning of the podcast and then devote themselves to analysis Gateway Festivals.

Topics in this context: Personnel changes at head coach Christian Tietz And the team’s unrestrained morale.

2.) STILL UNDEFEATED: What makes FCM so strong? – From minute 16:30

After five matches, 1. FC Magdeburg is unbeaten in the German second division. Last year’s relegation candidate suddenly finds himself in… Leading the second group of the German League – Although Magdeburg had to compete against ambitious opponents in the first matches.

What is the interim balance? What makes FCM so powerful right now? Despite all the euphoria, what still needs to be done? It gets better? FCM experts discuss this in the podcast.

3.) The next highlight of FCM is already waiting – from minute 28:00

After the goal fest against Hertha Berlin, Magdeburg 1 had time to take a deep breath. The next game isn’t scheduled for another two weeks, but it’s tough again.

Magdeburg once again plays against a team relegated from the Bundesliga. This time, we’ll be playing away to FC Schalke 04. The match FCM fans have been looking forward to since the summer. The guest building has long been sold.

At the end of the Podcasts FCM experts look forward to the match in Gelsenkirchen and answer questions from FCM fans.

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