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National League Tour – ZSC Lions teach SCB a lesson – Sports

National League Tour – ZSC Lions teach SCB a lesson – Sports

  • In Tuesday’s National League matches, the ZSC Lions celebrated a clear and prestigious victory at SC Bern.
  • Freiburg beats Bale and ranks first.
  • Masters Geneva has already suffered its third defeat of the season at HCD.

Bern – ZSC Lions 1:6

Led by Joho Lamiko and Chris Baltesberger (2 goals/1 assist each), the ambitious visitors celebrated convincing success against an already strong Bern side. With Lamicos leading 3-1 after the break with 2.4 seconds remaining for the first siren, a glimpse of Steve McCarthy appeared across the Postfinance Arena. Of course, in terms of importance, the Finn’s goal doesn’t come close to the Canadian title-winning goal in 2012 (2.5 seconds before the third siren). Crawford’s team couldn’t remove the butter from their bread. After Dennis Hollenstein’s 4-1 win (26th minute), SCB goalkeeper Adam Redburn had to make way for reserve player Philipp Wuterich, but last year’s top-placed side also lost twice before the second break. Bern’s trial player Jonah Lotto, who has been so convincing so far, has only been noticed with two minor penalties.


Played hard

“The Black” Mikko Lehtonen, Chris Baltesberger, Denis Malgin and Rudolf Balser (from left to right)

Key / Peter Schneider

Freiburg – Biel 4:1

The titular first battle of the round (2nd vs. 4th) was a one-sided battle for long periods. Freiburg ran from the start (at one point the goal scoring ratio was 15:1). But Christophe Bertschi only broke the spell in the 32nd minute when he shot a shot that slid through the pads of Bale goalkeeper Harry Sateri and into the goal. Marcus Sørensen after a 2-on-1, Chris Di Domenico on the power play, and finally Andreas Borgman secured Team Dube a deserved victory.

Davos – Geneva 7:2

The defending champions lost to Geneva for the third time in their last 4 matches – despite taking a 2-1 lead thanks to two brilliant combined goals scored by Valtteri Filppula (15th) and Timo Hartikainen (22nd). Within 16 minutes, the home team was able to convert the score to 5-2. Leon Breasted, whose cross was turned into his own net by Geneva’s Josh Uris to make the score 2-2, scored a hat-trick.

Ambre – Lausanne 5:4

When Ante Sumela gave the visitors a 4-1 lead after 25:30 minutes, it was all pointing to Vaudois’ fifth ‘treble’ in a row. But the Leventini team was able to achieve this miraculous turnaround with new support (Jan Juvonen had to make room for Benjamin Kunz between the posts). Umbria local hero Inti Pistoni was the winner of the big match with his powerful goal to make the score 4:4 in the 45th minute and the winning goal 145 seconds later. Embrey is now only two points behind the previous leaders, who have fallen to third place.

Zug – Lugano 4:2

EVZ achieved its first victory over Ticino since the playoff quarter-finals a year and a half ago. Twice he set up the Zugers — Dario Allensbach with a shot, and Sven Leuenberger with a high corner shot — and Logano responded twice with tough shots on the power play. The winner of the match was Lino Marchini, who stood alone in front of the goal (44). Lugano coach Luca Giannazzi took his goalkeeper Niklas Schlegel off the ice with three minutes left in favor of a sixth field player. The visitors actually had the chance to equalize, but Andreas Wengerle made it all clear with an empty net (59′).

More results from Tuesday evening

  • Rapperswil-Jona Lakers – SCL Tigers 6:3
  • Cloton – Brother 4:2