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Motorcycle: Rain cancels Australia

Motorcycle: Rain cancels Australia

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As feared, the MotoGP sprint as part of the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island, moved from Saturday to Sunday, was canceled due to bad weather. Heavy rain eventually marred the Moto2 race after less than half the scheduled distance.

“As expected, today’s conditions are not great. That’s why we held the Grand Prix yesterday. “It’s definitely not an easy decision,” MotoGP sporting director Carlos Espeleta commented on the cancellation. Most teams ultimately voted for repeal.

“Moto3 was able to run its race even though the conditions were difficult. In Moto2 there was a red flag because of some wind. The forecast showed that it would get worse. We exchanged ideas with the teams and the majority agreed to cancel,” said Espeleta.

Program transfers can be beneficial

The sprint was originally supposed to take place on Saturday, but the program was changed due to a poor forecast. Frenchman Johan Sarko took victory in Saturday’s MotoGP Grand Prix to take his first victory.

With second place, Francesco Bagnaia, Italy’s Ducati brand-mate of Jurco, moved 27 points clear of fifth-placed Jorge Martin (ESP) due to a poor tire choice. At this stage we now go to the next race in Thailand on October 29th.

Arbolino won the demolition race

The Moto2 race was earlier halted early on Sunday due to strong winds and rain. However, the race was classified after nine laps. The victory went to Italian Tony Arbolino, who came a little closer to the leader of Spain’s Pedro Acosta in the overall standings. The entire distance was ridden in Moto3, in which Turkish Denys Öncü won on KTM. The overall leader is Spanish Honda driver Jam Masia.

Australian Grand Prix

Moto2 (9 laps = 40.032 km)
1. Tony Arbolino I.T.A Calex 16:22,970
2. Aaron Gannett ESP Calex 15,088
3. Fermin Aldegar ESP Boscoscuro 15,614
4. Jeremy Alcoba ESP Calex 1 round
5. Joe Roberts America Calex 1 round
6. Isan Guevara ESP Calex 1 round
7. Somkiat Chandra THA Calex 1 round
8th. Bo Bendsnyder NED Calex 1 round
9. Pedro Acosta ESP Calex 1 round
10. Marcos Ramirez ESP Calex 1 round

Note: Canceled due to weather

Moto3 (21 laps = 93.408 km)
1. Denise Angu the door KTM 39:57,919
2. Ayumu Sasaki JPN Husqvarna + 0.407
3. Joel Kelso outside CF Moto 4,392
4. Colin Wager NED Husqvarna 23,062
5. Adrian Fernandez ESP Honda 31,661
6. Riccardo Rossi I.T.A Honda 31,702
7. Dayo Furusato JPN Honda 32,236
8th. Joum Masiya ESP Honda 32,932
9. Matteo Bertelle I.T.A Honda 33,379
10. Lorenzo Phelan FRA KTM 35,375