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More space for recycling

More space for recycling

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The days of the facility at the construction site in Reiskirchen are numbered. Photo: Shwebi © Shwebi

The facility moves between years. Enders' new location will be on Bersröder Straße.

Resurrection . There are still a few containers in the small fenced area of ​​the construction yard in Reiskirchen. Since 2015, the citizens of Reiskirchen and Bosker have been able to drop off recyclable materials here, such as small electrical appliances, branches, old energy-saving lamps, and used ink and toner cartridges.

“The traffic situation was tense”

But the days of the recycling center in Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße are numbered. The facility, which was established seven years ago as part of an agreement between the Giessen region and interested municipalities, moves between the years. Enders' new location will be on Bersröder Straße.

»The rush at our recycling center has always been great. The containers had to be removed every week,” said Mayor Dietmar Krumme when asked by Anzeiger newspaper. The mayor said that this rush also caused the traffic situation to partially collapse. Access to the recycling center is parallel to the railway tracks, directly on the R7 bicycle path, behind Fire Department Building. “The cramped conditions caused fatigue for delivery workers and, in some cases, recycling center workers.” A part-time employee and up to two construction yard employees are currently in charge of the operation.

“Due to the fact that we wanted to expand the building yard and add additional collections to the recycling center, it was imperative that we move the recycling center,” Crum explains. It was possible to rent an area in a commercial area large enough to accommodate the corresponding number of containers. That's why the old location has now closed and the company has moved to the former CoBau location.

Additionally, the recycling center will be expanded to be open starting January 6, 2024 on Wednesdays from 4:30pm to 7pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12:30pm.

Other factions will be added in the future. In addition to the existing glass, which is named on the home pages of the municipalities of Buseck and Reiskirchen, flat glass, mirrors (individual glass panes), mirrors (without frames) and aquarium glass (but no packing glass, no round glass, no glass blocks), Treated wood is also available from outdoor areas (Class A IV; no wood with PCBs, no power poles) and reused items such as dishes, cooking utensils, metal utensils, books and plastic toys can be delivered. . It is not possible to donate textiles. Items that are not accepted due to their type or quantity can always be handed over to the AWZ Waste Management Center in the Giessen area at Lahnstrasse 220 in Giessen.