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Medieval combat with an assault rifle and thousands of units

Medieval combat with an assault rifle and thousands of units

It sounds like an April Fool's joke, but it's not: developer Redemption Road Games and publisher tinyBuild Kingmaker want to release it as Steam Early Access in 2024. Five years ago The game is being worked on. The gaming mix promises something unique.

What is Kingmakers about?

The basic idea sounds wild: the player travels back in time 500 years to medieval England as part of an elite modern task force. There you must change the past to “save the future and prevent the end of the world.” Using an arsenal of modern weapons, you'll do battle against medieval knights, as you can see in the screenshots and trailer. Everything is played out in massive real-time battles. Battles are promised “with thousands of units at the same time” – alone or in online cooperative mode with up to four players.

The player switches back and forth between direct combat and strategic viewing at any time. The player also places archers, swordsmen, archer units and cavalry, because of course the player's side cannot do without knights. In strategic mode, he also builds defenses, but can throw himself into battle at any time using modern rifles, as you can see in the trailer.

Multi-threaded AI and more

Each battle must take place as a full, real-time simulation with thousands of units. What we are promised is “next generation” multi-threaded AI for each individual soldier, controlling decisions, pathfinding, and loyalty. A “unique” procedural animation system has also been promised, which will create battles with a level of precision never seen before.

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