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It appears that Ghost of Tsushima: PC Edition was released shortly before the announcement

It appears that Ghost of Tsushima: PC Edition was released shortly before the announcement

The samurai saga Ghost of Tsushima has been available for PlayStation 4 since 2020, and has also been optimized for PlayStation 5 since 2021. Now PC is set to follow as well – and an announcement for that version of the game now looks imminent. .

In the recent past, Sony has been constantly increasing and expanding its own efforts in the PC segment. They want to continue on this path in the future and bring a number of exclusive PlayStation titles to this platform. One of the most anticipated titles is certainly Ghost of Tsushima – and it looks like the wait isn't long.

According to a new report, an official announcement of the PC port of Ghost of Tsushima is now imminent. At least that's what the usually knowledgeable insider Shpeshal_Nick said XboxEra Now for the better.

The insider said: “I hear we'll be hearing something about a PC port of Ghost of Tsushima soon. Maybe around March 5th?” It's clear that an announcement is imminent, and the release won't take long.

Shpeshal_Nick recently leaked almost all of the important content from the latest State of Play game, so he clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to PlayStation. However, it appears to be well sourced, which should fuel anticipation for the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima.

Sony PlayStation will likely want to build on the recent success of Helldivers 2 with the samurai saga. Ghost of Tsushima is a very promising candidate, with the console version already a success with nearly 10 million sales by July 2022 and largely good reviews.

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