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For the Player of the Week, the road to sixth place is not far away

For the Player of the Week, the road to sixth place is not far away

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Mirad Masuku scored three goals for Germania Hovestadt on Sunday and is our Player of the Week. © Zoellner

Player of the Week Mirsad Masuku nails Hovestadt to win the basement duel

Hofstatt – With his three goals, Mirsad Masuku played a key role in the important 5-4 win over SG Operaense last Sunday. Anzeiger employee Sebastian Hinke spoke to the scorer about the exciting basement duel, the bumpy start to the season in the Zone A league and his goals for the team. Masuku has now moved up to ninth place on the top scorers list with eight goals this season.

5:4 After leading 4:1 – It was an amazing game against a promoted team. Why was he so close again?

Oberense results at home showed that something was always going on. It’s not easy to play there. Oberense never stops.


Name: Mirsad Masuku

Age: 30

Marital status: Married

Profession: Automotive mechatronics engineer

Previous clubs: SV Arnsberg 09, FC BW Gierskämpen, SW Hultrop

With the club since: 2018

Position: Striker

Back number: 11

I play football because it is my passion.

I play at Hovestadt because it is a friendly and good club.

My favorite club is Paris Saint-Germain.

My role models in football are… Ronaldinho, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The beginning of the season did not go well. Her coach, Martin Brokember, said during the week that “some things cannot be explained in football.” Do you have an explanation for this?

I’m sure we all imagined it differently. He (Martin Brokember, editor’s note) is trying to do our best. In the end, it depends on the discipline of each individual player. But I have a feeling that we are slowly getting to where we want to be.

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Do you still want to go with your team? Your coach says you are now heading downhill…

Winning in Operense was definitely good for us. I am convinced that we want and will continue to collect points in the first half of the season. I don’t see us being there in the second half of the season. The road to sixth place is not far.

They brought it up. The previous season ended in sixth place, and expectations at the club were correspondingly high. very high?

I can’t say that exactly. However, the league is much more balanced than last season, which of course makes it more difficult to achieve goals.

This is what coach Martin Brokemper says about Mirsad Masuku

“Mirsad is an intelligent footballer, he is strong at running and dribbling and has the right instincts in front of goal. He is also great as a person and any coach would be happy to have a player like him in their ranks. He is completely honest, but in my opinion, he put too much pressure on himself recently when he did not “Things were going well.”

I have often scored three or more goals in one match. What makes these three goals so valuable?

The most important thing is to win in the situation we are in. The three goals were of course also important.

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They have been at the top of the top scorer lists in the Zone A League for years, currently with eight goals. There were certainly enough offers. Why do you still play in Hovastadt?

Of course there were offers. But I’m so limited professionally and privately, I wouldn’t be able to take on that effort. Hovistadt has become close to my heart and I feel really comfortable here.