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eSIM Express Transfer: Vodafone supports eSIM Express Transfer within iOS

eSIM Express Transfer: Vodafone supports eSIM Express Transfer within iOS

According to its own statement, Vodafone is the first carrier in the world to now support fast transfer of eSIM from one iPhone to another. The new process makes manual setup, for example using a previously required QR code, obsolete and simplifies the process of moving to a new Apple smartphone.

According to Vodafone, the “eSIM Quick Transfer” process, as Apple calls it, requires at least an iPhone Apple itself is in the support zone It only mentions iOS 16 as the minimum requirements. Apple itself has also been offering a corresponding support video since last year. However, Vodafone’s reference to the iPhone XS (Max) and iPhone XR is correct, as they were the first Apple smartphones to support eSIM in September 2018.

The new process uses the same eSIM profile from the old smartphone on the new iPhone by moving it in close proximity to both devices, instead of deleting it on the old device and then setting it up again on the new smartphone. Vodafone is now offering the eSIM Express Transfer feature on the aforementioned Apple smartphones, but other manufacturers and smartphones supporting the new process are expected to follow in the next few months.

This is how you transfer an eSIM to a new iPhone

When setting up a new iPhone for the first time, you must first enter the security code from the old smartphone on the new model, and can then select Transfer eSIM on the new iPhone to obtain and confirm a phone number on the old smartphone. Additional phone numbers can be set up later.

If your new iPhone was initially set up without a cellular connection, the process can then be started via iOS settings. To do this, you must select the “Add eSIM” item in the Cellular Network area followed by the “Transfer from a nearby iPhone” option and follow the further instructions of the operating system.

Choose phone number while sending
Identify phone number during sending (Image: Apple)

In Germany also with a Nano SIM card

In Germany, existing iPhones like the iPhone 15 (Plus) and the new iPhone 15 Pro (Max) can operate with an eSIM, but also with a physical nano-SIM and a combination of both, while only iPhone models in the USA can operate it. It can be operated on eSIM. An eSIM is an “embedded SIM” on a small chip in a smartphone, and therefore takes up less space. In addition, an eSIM often provides more flexibility when choosing a new mobile phone tariff, for example when holidaying outside of Europe.

eSIM followed by iSIM

However, the end of the road with eSIM has not yet been reached. Further miniaturization is sought using “iSIM”, which is an “integrated SIM card” located directly in the smartphone’s processor. Qualcomm, Thales and Vodafone already conducted similar smartphone tests last year, while Deutsche Telekom already offers an iSIM app specifically for nuSIM-equipped IoT devices.