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Computer users should be careful: Intel processors are at risk of being “fallen”.

Computer users should be careful: Intel processors are at risk of being “fallen”.

Intel processors have a serious security flaw.


A new vulnerability could potentially affect billions of processors. Almost all Intel chipsets from 2014 to 2019 are vulnerable.

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  • The “fallen” vulnerability affects countless Intel processors.
  • It allows passwords and other sensitive data to be stolen.
  • Since the error is located directly in the device, it is difficult to fix it.

One of the vulnerabilities has the potential to affect billions of Intel processors. Google security researcher Daniel Mugimi discovered the hole and dubbed it the “fallout”. For example, it allows malware to steal passwords from other programs running on the same system.

Almost all Intel processors from the Skylake, Tiger Lake and Ice Lake series launched between 2014 and 2019 are affected, both for private users and for use in servers. Mugimi discovered “The Fall” a year ago, but its existence has only just been announced.

This has to do with the fact that the vulnerability is built into the hardware, which makes it difficult to fix. Intel must coordinate with the many computer manufacturers that use its chips.

Intel releases the update

Fall uses a function that is actually intended to speed up access to data stored in main memory. It is then that unauthorized eavesdropping on third-party data is possible. Cloud services are particularly affected, as many virtual computers run on the same server and are used by completely different clients.

Intel has one updates As for the firmware for processors, but its direct installation is practical only for experienced system administrators. Private users have to wait for updates from their computers or operating system manufacturers.