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China: Li Shangfu has not been found for weeks

China: Li Shangfu has not been found for weeks


Where is Chinese Defense Minister Li Changfu?

Will Xi Jinping continue the purge? After the Foreign Minister, Defense Minister Li Changfu has now also disappeared.


There had been no sign of life from Li Shangfu for weeks.


  • Li Shangfu has not appeared in public for more than two weeks.

  • A few days ago, the Chinese Defense Minister was supposed to attend a security conference in Vietnam.

  • His last public appearance was on August 29.

It appears that the ongoing purification process within the ranks of the Chinese military leadership is continuing. Following speculation in Beijing, the US government now also assumes that Defense Minister Li Changfu is under investigation for alleged corruption. Lee has not been seen in public for more than two weeks. also Chinese President Xi Jinping He has canceled several meetings recently.

Last appearance was on August 29th

A few days ago, the Chinese Defense Minister was supposed to participate in a bilateral security conference in Vietnam, but he canceled this attendance in a short time. Reuters reported on Friday, citing Vietnamese sources, that Beijing informed Vietnamese officials that this was for health reasons. Lee’s last public appearance in Beijing was on August 29 when he spoke at an African forum.

The Financial Times and the Washington Post on Friday quoted US government officials as assuming that Lee would lose his position as Minister of Defense. The US ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel, expressed doubts about the matter

Xi takes action against corruption

In July, the Chinese military opened an investigation into corruption in procurement. A public call in July looked for “evidence of disciplinary violations” in “equipment procurement since October 2017,” which coincides with Lee’s term in office, FAZ wrote. In addition to Li, a number of heads of state-owned defense companies are also under investigation.

Li’s fate is likely linked to the ongoing anti-corruption campaign in China’s missile force. Just a few weeks ago, the Supreme General, Political Commissar and other officers of the Rocket Force became heads of state and party Xi Jinping They were dismissed and replaced by specialists from other branches of the army.

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