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Carli Lloyd confirms that the US women once lost to the U15 boys team in Dallas

Carli Lloyd confirms that the US women once lost to the U15 boys team in Dallas

Written by Jack Besants for Dailymail.Com

14:38 09 November 2023, updated 14:47 09 November 2023

Carli Lloyd has admitted her two-time World Cup-winning USA team were beaten by FC Dallas U15s in a training match.

The story, which was published at the time in April 2017, has become something of a legend since some fans have wondered if it was true.

One such inquiry was posed to Lloyd herself on X, asking her: “If it is true that you lost to a group of 15-year-old boys?”

To Lloyd’s credit, she answered something that would have been easier to ignore.

‘Yes, this is correct. “I know thousands of people have already brought this up,” she said.

Carli Lloyd admitted the US Women’s World Cup-winning team lost to the U15 boys’ team
She answered a question on X to confirm that the matter was true and that it had happened more than once
Lloyd (above left) posed with Dallas U15 players after their defeat in 2017, as did other stars on the US Women’s National Team

‘They were good. We actually lost to the Bayern Munich youth team in my career as well, but then we went on to win the Olympics and the World Cup. So…..’

She then added in a separate message to another follower: “They should beat us up. Bigger, stronger and faster! The boys have always given us a run for our money! It’s been a great setup.”

The score that day was 5-2 in favor of FC Dallas, but the USA team did not allow the defeat to dampen its morale too much.

They still took photos with a number of Dallas players — both Lloyd herself and Megan Rapinoe were seen taking photos with the teens as they celebrated their big moment.

Lloyd was right in her answer too, as it did not derail any success the American team was aiming for.

Two years later, Lloyd and Rapinoe helped the United States to its second consecutive World Cup win at the tournament in France.

When Lloyd retired from football in 2021, she walked away from the international scene with an astonishing 361 caps and 134 goals for her country, as well as two World Cup wins to her name.