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Cadillac's redesign: the new logo loses all colors

Cadillac’s redesign: the new logo loses all colors

The American manufacturer Cadillac wants to change its logo. To illustrate the path to electric mobility, Americans paint in colour.

The monochrome version of the brand logo is currently an add-on on Cadillac, but the colorless logo may soon become the standard version. The new logo can already be seen on images of the upcoming Lyriq E-SUV that have already been published, indicating that the electrification of the wallet is likely to be accompanied by a new design for the brand. This is not unusual – parent company GM already introduced a comprehensively revamped logo at the beginning of 2021, which is intended to symbolize the dawn of the electric age. However, blue was chosen there.

Cadillac / Patrick Lange

On the left in the photo you can see the original coat of arms of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, which the American manufacturer uses as a model. To this day it can be recognized as the basis for logo design.

Not that American at all

The Cadillac logo is basically less American in its design than you might think. Rather, it is based on European heraldry, that is, heraldry. The multicolored symbol is strictly based on the Antione de la Mothe Cadillac family crest, which also bears the name of the manufacturer. The French officer and adventurer founded the American city of Detroit in July 1701 and later became governor of the French colony of Luciana. Over the years, the Cadillac logo has been redesigned several times. In the meantime, decorative elements such as a crown or a laurel wreath are missing.

New 2021 Cadillac monochrome logo


Cadillac currently offers a monochrome logo version as an add-on for some models.

With the Lyriq, Cadillac wants to move towards e-mobility in 2023. From now on, the monochrome logo, perhaps also in an illuminated version, as in the Lyriq concept car, could become a sign of E models. Currently, the XT4 and XT5, CT4, CT5 and Escalade with colorless logo. In a few years at the latest, this will be over anyway, because the American luxury brand has already committed to completely phasing out combustion engines by 2030. In the illuminated version, you can see the new logo in the photo display with Lyriq as an example.


The new look also includes a new logo. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to update their logos from time to time. And when, if not in the age of electrical restructuring, will the tipping point be big enough to breathe fresh air into the design?