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Austria: Rosie (31 years old), who works in the climate field, did not expect this punishment

Austria: Rosie (31 years old), who works in the climate field, did not expect this punishment


Climate aggressor Rosie, 31, did not expect this punishment

Rosie J. (31 years old) A tube of glue on the floor next to her. For this she received a fine of 80 euros. I littered the street with it.


Rosie G was sentenced to five fines. Among other things, because she “polluted the environment” with a tube of glue.

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  • Climate activist Rosie J. has been sentenced. She received several fines for protesting for two days.

  • Because she put a tube of glue on the floor, she had to pay 80 euros for environmental pollution.

  • The fine eventually amounted to 85 euros, which could be paid through donations.

31-year-old Rosie G is a freelance artist and programmer. She was also active in the “Last Generation” climate movement. In several protests In Linz and Vienna. She was recently detained by police for 30 minutes in the Belgian capital, Brussels. For two days of protest in April, Rossi received fines totaling €2,320 or, alternatively, 50 days in prison.

“Once I hung myself in the street, and once there was a sit-in during which I was taken away. For this I was punished five times, and sometimes several times for the same violation, because I did not leave the street and because I participated in a meeting. The Graz city administration has exhausted the maximum punishment. As far as I know, Fines of a maximum of 150 euros are imposed in Linz,” says Rosie G. In an interview with “Today”.

Glue tube leads to fine

What particularly bothers the 31-year-old: “Because I put a small tube of glue on the street next to me, I was fined 80 euros.” Reason: Small garbage was scattered on the street. “I did it for security reasons so that the police could know that I was registered. It was my first time and I was afraid,” she explained, explaining her behavior. The fact that she is now being accused of environmental pollution seems like harassment to her.

Rosi G. has been a long time member Various climate organizations Like “Extinction Rebellion” and “Fridays For Future”: “I no longer feel good when I see what is coming. People directly affected by the climate crisis cannot protest. That’s why we are taking it upon ourselves,” says the Linzer native, explaining her motivations.

Rosie J can’t take the punishment seriously

The 31-year-old went directly to the mayor of Graz, Elke Carr (KPÖ), regarding the punishment. When she called back from her office, she was told that not reporting something like this would be an abuse of power by the police. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. “I am fully aware that the nature of my protest will result in administrative penalties, but I simply cannot take the fine imposed for small waste seriously,” Rosie G says.

Since the climate activist had already received a warning and notification of the implementation of the pipe fine, she finally paid the amount, which has now risen to 85 euros. To pay the fine, a fundraising campaign was started. The amount came together. She objected to the remaining four rulings through a lawyer representing the “last generation.”

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