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Australian police are investigating Taylor Swift's father

Australian police are investigating Taylor Swift's father

Police have closed an investigation into an alleged attack on a photographer in Sydney. The accusations are directed at “Papa Swift”.

A good four weeks ago, Taylor Swift's father allegedly assaulted a photographer in Sydney. Now the Australian police have completed the investigation against him. Police said on Tuesday that they had concluded an investigation “following a report of an assault” and that “no further police action will be taken”. He did not give any information about the results of the investigation.

Photographer Ben MacDonald told the AFP news agency that he had photographed Taylor Swift from the mainland on a “superyacht” off Sydney after her last four concerts in Australia. As the singer arrived at Neutral Bay Wharf and walked to a waiting vehicle, security guards tried to stop him from taking pictures with an umbrella.

“It's a shock”

After the singer left he was attacked by a man. “He punched me in the face,” McDonald said. “It was a shock. I've never had anything like that happen to me in 26 years.” He didn't know who the man was. At first he assumed it was an overzealous security guard. “But I looked at the photos and saw him holding Taylor's hand, and it was her dad.”

At the time, Australian police were told that a 71-year-old man had assaulted a 51-year-old man on the jetty. Police have not released any names. However, police sources have confirmed that allegations have been made against Scott Swift.

Scott Swift — known to fans as “Papa Swift” — served as a financial advisor and now attends many of his daughter's shows. There he often hands out snacks and VIP passes to Swifties' delight. (APA/Red.)

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