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Anne Elliott is a fan of Deion Sanders’ energy and support

Anne Elliott is a fan of Deion Sanders’ energy and support

Don’t expect Colorado women’s lacrosse coach Anne Elliott Weeden to be wearing a gold-plated whistle necklace anytime soon — but the only coach in Buffalo history respects the work of the only person on campus who can currently carry it out.

Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders has taken college football and the Colorado campus by storm, turning a 1-11 program into a team that, at the very least, will be competitive in most games. Interest is there, too, as Colorado set a record attendance for games in the spring and saw overflow crowds at home, according to the Sports Business Journal.

It all creates a fun environment on campus, Elliot Weeden said.

“There’s a lot of energy with Coach Prime in general,” she said. “He brings a lot to the fans through who he is. … It’s just this renewed sense of faith that our athletic director has always had. He’s always believed in Colorado and pushed us to that standard.”

The exposure alone carries a lot of weight in terms of how Sanders’ presence in Colorado will indirectly help the women’s lacrosse program. There’s certainly potential for more money to flow through athletics as well, though it’s not as if the department is reaping the benefits of that in just a few games during his tenure.

Sanders supports other programs on campus, adding to the exposure that comes with having a Coach Prime. Elliot Weeden said she’s seen him at soccer and volleyball games, and hopes to get him into lacrosse once he has the time.

“It’s everywhere,” she said.

In January, about a month after he was hired, a video surfaced of Coach Prime riding a bike to the Buffs’ indoor facility as Colorado toured Northwestern. Of course, pick up a stick and try this sport.

A few days later, Sanders mentioned his experience at a press conference.

“It was beautiful,” Sanders told reporters. “And I actually picked up a stick and threw the ball. I should have played lacrosse like Jim Brown. I think I would have been nice to her.”

Sanders has been a fixture in the national sports media this college football season, and spectators appear to be divided on his coaching style. Elliott considered Weeden a fan.

“As a coach, I have seen athletics change, and there is something refreshing about faith and responsibility and how that goes together,” she said.