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Anna Ermakova takes first place

Anna Ermakova takes first place

“Dancing Star Christmas 2023”
Anna Ermakova takes first place

Anna Ermakova is a British model.

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Anna Ermakova and Valentin Losin won the Christmas show “Let's Dance” with a sensual rumba and a powerful quick step.

Anna Ermakova, 23, is the winner of the Christmas show “Let's Dance”. She and her dance partner Valentin Losin (36 years old) were able to convince the jury on Friday evening and achieve full points twice. As reported by RTL channel.

Great excitement around Ermakova's talent

In the first round, the dancing couple performed a sensual rumba. “That should be 30 points for each of us, so 90!”, commented juror Joachim Lampe, 59 years old. The other two members of the jury were also enthusiastic about the performance and awarded 10 points each.

In the second round, Ermakova and Losin performed the song “Christmas Quickstep” on stage. Here too, the judges were completely blown away. “You dance like a pro,” Jorge Gonzalez, 56, told the 23-year-old. Motsi Mabusi, 42, agreed with her colleague, saying: “It's like Broadway!” she said of Ermakova's performance.

Double win for the dance team

It was a real success for the British model and dancer, as they were able to take first place in this year’s “Lets Dance” season. They will look at 2023 as two-time winners. Last year, Rurik Gislason, 35, was named '2022 Christmas Dance Star'. In 2021, the former professional footballer won the “Let's Dance” award.

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