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Andreas Rettig reacts to criticism by Rummenigge and Mintzlaff

Andreas Rettig reacts to criticism by Rummenigge and Mintzlaff

DrThe DFB’s new managing director, Andreas Rettig, reacted calmly to the criticism, especially from Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. “I realized that I am not necessarily the preferred candidate for Bayern Munich,” Rettig said during his presentation to the German Football Association on Monday. “I know the relationship is tense. We will need Bayern Munich, they are the most important club. There is no point if we divide ourselves here.”

Before announcing his new position on Friday morning, he tried to contact “Mr. Hoeneß and Mr. Rummenigge.” “I was unable to reach either of them. I spoke to Mr. Hoeneß via voicemail and texted Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and received no response,” Rettig said of his efforts.

“The German Football Association is not a club.”

Rummenigge, a member of the Bayern Supervisory Board, and Oliver Mintzlaff, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RB Leipzig, announced their resignation from the work team of the German Football Association on Sunday. The task force was not involved in important decisions in the German Football Association, and in some cases was not even informed, and criticized Rummenigge and openly named Rettig’s personnel.

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf confirmed on Monday that the task force never had the authority to make decisions, but was convened as an advisory body. He spoke to Mintzlaff and Rumminge by phone after their explanation. “The German Football Association is not a club,” Neuendorf said. He added: “There was absolutely no desire in this committee to talk about sports management,” and Neuendorf confirmed that the working group would be disbanded.

The German Football Association is currently in discussions with one or more candidates in the search for a national coach. President Neuendorf said: “We have made a big step forward compared to what happened after the match against France.” “We (initially) wanted to answer basic questions, which is what we did.” However, the DFB president did not want to give a “water level report” and did not want to specify whether there was only one candidate in focus or several.