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24.09.2021 – 01:00

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Spahn: “The chancellor is definitely the one who goes down first”

CDU MP warns union of further speculation about runner-up position for Laschet-Schulze ‘a fig leaf’ of the ‘left SPD’

Osnabrück. CDU deputy Jens Spahn warned the union against further speculation about Armin Laschet’s runner-up position: “The chancellor will definitely be first come. That’s exactly what we’re competing for. Don’t worry about the other constellations,” Spahn said in an interview with “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung.” (NOZ). “We’re fighting for first place. Period.”

Spahn responded to Laschet’s comments on Monday that the person with a majority in the Bundestag would become chancellor. “The Union has a good chance of becoming the most powerful political force in Germany once again,” Spahn said. “Many are hesitant to the end and are now in the last few meters aware of the differences between a bourgeois government and a left government.” Only union is the economic force that makes social cohesion possible in the first place.

The Vice-President of the Christian Democratic Union expressed his expectation that the Social Democratic Party would seek an alliance with the Left Party if it wins the elections. “Yeah, because in the end Olaf Schulz didn’t decide it himself. It’s the SPD that didn’t even elect him two years ago as president,” Spahn told NOZ. “The SPD, from its senior staff to its platform, is an entirely left-wing party. And Olaf Schulz is the fig leaf for this left-wing party.”

For the Union, it is important in the past few election campaigns to name “important differences in content”, for example in taxation, European politics and foreign policy. “The SPD and the Greens want to protect the climate with bans and requirements, we want innovations and a desire for the future,” he said, adding: “And by the way, it bothers me and not only me: in all experiments and on talk shows, I give the impression that Germany has only limit climate protectors. minimum wage. This ignores the reality of life for many people in Germany.” There are many other important issues, such as exempting skilled workers, employees and families or maintaining a strong economy.

Spahn campaigned vigorously for targeted tax cuts in this context. “It needs tax cuts, but in the right place,” he said. “In a European comparison, our corporate taxes have long been among the highest. If we want companies to continue investing in Germany and creating jobs here, we have to exempt them. And also through low income taxes for craft businesses. Otherwise, we jeopardize competitiveness.”

If the Federation continues to govern, Spahn aims for a cabinet position again, as he explained in NOZ: “I want to govern, I want ideas to be formed, changed, and implemented. This works better with the office than without it.” “We will have to wait until after the election for the divisions to be distributed,” Spahn told FDP chair Christian Lindner, who has already taken over the finances for himself.

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