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Zurich city council treats itself with a trip to a luxury hostel in Alsace

Zurich city council treats itself with a trip to a luxury hostel in Alsace

Zurich City Council – 6 men and 3 women. Each of them earns about a quarter of a million a year, like riding a bike, love 20-kilometer areas and love the flags of Ukraine.

And: expensive hotels, preferably a little far from Limstadt. For example in Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace in France is charming gourmet.

A particularly noble house in the city of the European Parliament indecently calls itself “the place to live”. It’s Léonor, the best inn in the Corbusier Persian carpet mix.

The president of Zurich, Corinne Mauch, and her two colleagues from the left and Green and a half-dozen men settled in the sweet home in the city center of Ascension from Thursday to Saturday.

It is ideally located for excursions between the Quartier des Halles and Neustadt, close to Notre Dame Cathedral and the Tomi Ungerer Museum.

Partners were also part of the party – then Jacqueline Fehr, the chief lawyer for the canton, appeared. The date of the Super League match in Zurich.

According to the city, Fehr happened to be in Leonor. Otherwise, the city council trip has its fixed place in the government calendar.

A spokeswoman says: “The Zurich City Council takes a trip each year, traditionally on the motorway in conjunction with the ‘bridge.’” The city council member is responsible for the program and the organization alternately.

The Lady in Yellow – Hoori who? (Zurich)

This time, Andreas Horie of Rising Green Liberals, in charge of health and environment in the executive branch.

“The trip enhances cohesion in the committee, but is also understood as an educational trip in which interesting projects or institutions are visited and/or official representatives are met.”

Billing address: Stadthausquai. “Travel and hotel costs will be covered for all participants.” This is a lot in each case. “Partners are also invited,” she says.

Goosebumps the government and the taxpayer pays.

“Strasbourg – young, creative and fashionable” advertises the Hôtel Léonor on its website for the city on the Ile River – city councilors there are chosen every 10 years in longboats as part of the “millet porridge “.

The wait time until the next river tour has now been shortened with a short detour to Alsace. Team building in Uttliberg? Gladly to others.