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Zug West Economic Zone - a reason for confidence

Zug West Economic Zone – a reason for confidence

Zug-West Economic Zone

A reason to be confident

Economic Director Sylvia Thalman Gott comments on the current economic situation.

Sylvia Talman-Goet at the online event for the Zug-West Economic Zone.

Photo: PD

Over the years, the canton of Zug and the Zuguest region have developed into one of the leading economic regions in Switzerland and today it is strong and healthy as an attractive place to live and work: politicians and economists agree. Despite some challenges caused by growth, but also due to the current economic situation, both of them see the future in positive terms.

Private and state companies are investing in pioneering development projects, for example in traffic with projects such as the Cham-Hünenberg bypass, Zimmerberg Base Tunnel II or the planned Mobility and Service Center at the Rotkreuz station. Additionally, there are site development projects such as Städtler Allmend and Papieri-Areal in Cham or the Bösch-Rothus economic district in Hünenberg to create space for new jobs and apartments.

For economics director Sylvia Thalman-Goet, the investment in education, for example with the construction of a new high school, is particularly comforting. The government council sees many advantages in the new location at the Rotcruz station and the project has now been sent to the municipalities for political consultation.

Return to normal economic life

During the pandemic, the government has also sent positive signals with various support measures for the economy, according to Sylvia Talman Gott: uncomplicated, fast and direct – sometimes fond – help for the fast recovery of the economy. Martin Neff, chief economist at Raiffeisenbank Switzerland, pointed to various factors that speak of normalizing the economic situation. Virus case numbers are “in free fall”, vaccinations are progressing well, shops are open, and restaurants will soon return to normal business. All this is a reason to trust. The good recovery of the major economic powers the USA and China is also positive signals for the Swiss economy. We’ll also stimulate growth with a slight delay.

A good mix of industries as a strong foundation

For the economics manager, it is the healthy mix of real-world local SMEs and international business groups that makes Zug Canton economically stable and attractive compared to other regions. The attraction of the location is evidenced by the great demand that remains for corporate commercial buildings, but also for affordable housing in the area, which is becoming increasingly rare. Since cantonal space is limited, it is inevitable to rely more on compact construction for optimum use of available space.

At the end of the event, the entrepreneurs received valuable advice on all aspects of foreign exchange transactions from Rosario Loria, the foreign exchange specialist at Raiffeisenbank. In order to have the greatest possible planning security, it is imperative to define a clear foreign exchange strategy. Viewers also had the opportunity to seek advice from representatives of the Raiffeisen Risch-Rotkreuz, Hünenberg and Cham-Steinhausen banks.

The entire panel can be found on the website

About the Zug West Economic Association: Claudia Heiger

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