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ZSC's second bankruptcy after the announcement of Grönborg - see

ZSC’s second bankruptcy after the announcement of Grönborg – see

Servet also scored a goal in the fourth match with Kloten loaned Sandro Zurkirchen in the goal. Zuri defeats Zuri. Lions are not only confused in their own territory and lose most of the duels, but also toothless in the attack.

Zurkirchen showed his first big action in the first third when he nullified the counterattack by Swede Markus Krueger in a power game and immediately began the counterattack. This leads to a goal, which is voided after a coaching challenge by Rijkaard Grunborg – blocking evil goalkeeper Benjamin Antonetti.

But Servet took the lead when top scorer Henrik Tomerens got a big space and defeated Ludovic Webber. Soon after the first break, the Geneva-based company followed suit. Daniel Winnick cashes Tomerence’s shot in a power game.

At their best, the Zurich team scored a goal from Justin Siegrist, who had previously missed 15 games. But after a bad pass from Christian Marti, Servette closed the bag. Winnik and Valtteri Filppula play quietly on the counterattack – 3:1. As on Tuesday at Rapperswil, the Lions only activate when the damage has already been done.

Thus, the Geneva team won five out of seven matches under the leadership of new coach Yan Kadio. What about the people of Zurich? They also lost their second game after Grunborg announced on Saturday that he would ask his superiors for a vote of confidence before the end of the year before deciding whether to take advantage of his release clause. (SR)

rip: 16. Tomernes (Winnik, Joris) 1: 0.23. Winnik (Tömmernes, Karrer / PP) 2: 0. 26. Sigrist (Noreau, Andrighetto) 2: 1. 48. Filppula (Winnik) 3: 1.

*** Benjamin Antonitti (Servite)

** Henrik Tomerens (handkerchief)

* Sandro Zurkirchen (Service)