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ZSC Lions beat Lausanne and advanced again

ZSC Lions beat Lausanne and advanced again

Justin Siegrist makes the decision in the Final Three and on his birthday.Image: Cornerstone

A double goal within 84 seconds midway through the game got the ZSC Lions back on track for the final against Lausanne. Thanks to their 4-2 home win, they returned to the top with a score of 2-1.

April 20, 2024 at 10:44 pmApril 20, 2024 at 11:01 pm

The ZSC Lions maintained their home advantage in the final and regained their advantage against a powerful Lausanne side – albeit with some difficulty.

After the defeat suffered on Thursday, the first in these qualifiers, Zurich also fell behind at home. The favorite struggled once again with a rebellious Lausanne side. They took the lead in the 22nd minute thanks to the ubiquitous Swedish defender Lawrence Bilot. However, the qualifying winner showed an impressive response and rewarded himself with two goals in the 31st and 33rd minutes for a period of pressure.

Birthday boy Siegrist with resolution

Yannick Weber calmly shot first into the top corner of the goal after Zurich had been provoked by a poor pass with an active forecheck. Denis Malgin then scored his first goal in this final after a wonderful combination by Weber and Rudolfs Balcer. And it remained that way until four minutes from time, when fourth-line forward Justin Siegrist, on his 25th birthday, made a quick counterattack and calmly beat goalkeeper Connor Hughes to make it 4-2.

Before that, Lausanne once again pushed hard for an equaliser – also thanks to strong play – but ZSC goalkeeper Simon Hrubek and Zurich's defense held off the attack.

“Our energy and combat performance were decisive today. “But we have to have a short-term memory now and forget everything that happened today in the next match.”

Mark Crawford, ZSC Lions coach

Impressive atmosphere

The Zurich fans were already at their best before the first puck was thrown. In an impressive choreography, they depicted their favorites as pulling ropes pulling the trophy to their side. In the hall in Zurich-Altstetten, which was once again sold out for 12,000 spectators, the Lions got off to a lively start and took the lead after just over two minutes through Yoho Lamiko.

However, this Lausanne does not make it easy for the people of Zurich. And once again with Sweden's Robin Kovacs, who has so far only been allowed to play at home in the qualifiers, he was once again a tenacious and well-organised competitor. In contrast to Thursday, it was not Kovacs who remained in the dark, but rather Vaudois youngster Théo Rochette who equalized shortly before the end of the first third. His somewhat botched shot slipped between several sticks and legs and was likely headed into the goal by a Zurich player.

“Defeat is annoying. We had opportunities to win. Now we are recovering. In the fourth game we will play our game and then everything will be fine.

Ken Jagger, Lausanne HC striker

For once, the actors now have a two-day break before continuing on Tuesday at the Vaudoise Aréna. The first break in this final series could be a small preliminary decision for ZSC. However, only two wins separate them from the cup.

ZSC Lions – Lausanne 4:2 (1:1, 2:1, 1:0)
12,000 spectators. – S.R. Cherrig/Wiegand, Schlegel/Wolff.
Portals: 3. Lamiko (Froden, Lehtonen/Powerplayer) 1:0. 19. Rochette (Glauser, Seacats) 1:1. 22. Al-Tayyar (Holder) 1: 2. 31. Weber (Schabi) 2: 2. 33. Malgin (Balser, Weber) 3: 2. 56. Siegrist (Rorer) 4: 2.
punish: 3 times 2 minutes each.
PostFinance Top Scorer: Andrigeto. Fox.
Black ZSC: Your escape. Weber, Kokan. Lehtonen, Gering. Troutman, Christian Marty; Ready, Phil Baltisberger; Andrighetto, Malgin, Balsers; Froden, Grant, Holenstein; Rohrer, Lamico, Zehnder; Bodenmann, Siegrist, Schabi.
Lausanne: Hughes. Glauser, Djos; Hildner, Frick; Pilot, Genazi; Jelovac. Rochet, Sumela, Sikac; Reat, Fox, Kovacs; Bozon, Jäger, Rafel; Holdner, almonds, quinins; Pedretti.
comments: ZSC Lions are without Harrington (foreign surplus), Lausanne are without Aurélien Marthe, Perrineaud (both injured), Haapala and Salomacki (both foreign surplus). Lausanne from minute 58:46 without a goalkeeper. (Abu/Sda)

HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already become champions of Swiss hockey


HCD, SCB, ZSC and? These clubs have already become champions of Swiss hockey

Davos Summit Conference: 31 titles, 6 since 1986; Last champion: 2015.

Source: Keystone / Ennio Lenza

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