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ZDF "Fernsehgarten" has to evacuate viewers from live broadcasts due to storms

ZDF “Fernsehgarten” has to evacuate viewers from live broadcasts due to storms

For the first time, a live audience was again allowed in the ZDF “Fernsehgarten”. But then spectators were evacuated after a storm warning.

The basics in brief

  • ZDF “Fernsehgarten” was finally allowed to contract again with a live audience.
  • But only 15 minutes later came a warning of lightning and thunder.
  • Viewers had to be evacuated to Meistermannhalle while the program was running.

Andrea Kewell is finally allowed to go live again worship show عرض Welcome to ZDF’s “TV Garden”. But due to a storm warning, spectators had to evacuate. The the weatherChaos can be controlled.

The warning came 15 minutes later

Barely 15 minutes after the start, the warning of thunder and lightning came. Because of the security risks, all viewers had to do this outdoor area to be evacuated. Live on TV!

The audience was brought to the Meistermannhalle, a building on the ZDF site. The program continued from the garden shed. Less than an hour later, everything came clear and the show could go on under the open sky Follow.

“Thank you to the audience for your patience. She could have just gone home. Great! Kiewel says happily.

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