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ZDF changes the lyrics of Udo Jürgens

ZDF honored star hitter Udo Jürgens with its medley. Everything is sung by Giovanni Zarrella (44), together with Roland Kaiser (70) and Namica (31). But with “But Please with Cream,” fans heard a slightly different version of the text. Because the song was subjected to political correction.

A few years ago, the debate over incorrect terminology gripped Switzerland. There is also heated debate about how discriminatory expressions should be handled in ancient songs and books.

Udo Jürgens (80) fans have a clear opinion: the words of their idol should not change. But this is exactly what Giovanni Zarrella did on his show. And now it attracts the wrath of fans and the broadcaster.

In the classic “But Please with the Cream,” Zarrella sings: “You huff and snort, almost nothing gets in. Just a chocolate kiss at most, because there must be demand.”

Zarrella uses “Schokokuss”, in the original Udo Jürgens sings “Mohrenkopf”. However, not using the term anymore, Duden supplied it with an “outdated, discriminatory today” note.

The recast is “insane”, one Jürgens fan wrote on social media. Another complains that a cult script needs to be changed so that Zarella doesn’t get close to anyone. Another fan thinks he’s “puke”. ZDF will ban and censor Udo Jürgens.

In comparison to “Abendzeitung”, the broadcaster commented on the text edit that was criticized out loud: they decided to “tentatively and one-off” the song text. The reworking was also done in agreement with the music publisher and the original poet’s heirs.