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YouTube Europe and Twitter Europe launch ›

YouTube Europe and Twitter Europe launch ›

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has given the go-ahead for two ambitious EU online projects: Through its two social media platforms, EU Voice and EU Video, the international community is offering alternatives to the dominant US services Twitter and YouTube based on free protocols.

The trial phase has officially started

As part of the public beta phase that has now begun, European Union bodies, institutions, offices and agencies are invited to share videos, images and texts on the new platforms and thus interact with the public. Well-known software projects serve as the basis for online services mastodons And pertop.

According to European Data Protection Officer Wojciech Wiewiórowski, the beta phase that has started for the two services is a contribution to strengthening Europe’s digital independence in the world and should help the old continent radiate more sovereignty on the global stage once again, also on digital issues.

Mastodon and PeerTube’s decision depends on open source software strategy European Commission together.

EU Voice

Of course, the European Data Protection Officer is already represented on both portals. The addresses you need to access the online presence are:

Both EU Voice and EU Video do not transfer personal data to countries outside the EU. A welcome move, but both services still look like college projects that aren’t very attractive. Of course, you should still take a look at the new digital offers from the European Union.