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'Youth Debate': Heigerloch's Denny Seidler came in only 4th in the regional final - Zollernalp

‘Youth Debate’: Heigerloch’s Denny Seidler came in only 4th in the regional final – Zollernalp

Denny Seidler (second from left) of Team 10b from Haigerloch Gymnasium placed fourth in the “Jugend Debates” regional final. High school age group winner Lara Herman (next to Denny) was ahead of Elaine Hertel (right) and Marvin Fernandez dos Santos (left). All three are from the Pfullinger Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium. Photo: food

Compassion. Despite the well-prepared performance, it was not enough to progress. Denny Siedler of Haigerloch High School had to bow to a trio of Pfullinger Friedrich Schiller High School in the regional final of the Youth Debates at HAP Grieshaber High School in Reutlingen

Haigerloch – It wasn’t enough for Denny Seidler Tuesday night at the last regional debate in Reutlingen to advance to the state finals qualifying round, upsetting the Class 10b student the most.

The controversy that Seidler had to face was difficult. Its topic was “Should young people have a budget in the municipal budget that they decide for themselves?”

Denny seemed well prepared, but in the end he was not able to present all the arguments he had gathered in the short time available. Christine Guthart, head of the high school youth debate group in Heigerloch, suspects stage fright may have played a role.

Teacher Kirsten Gotthart is still satisfied

But in the end, the elimination wasn’t a broken leg. Gotthard is very satisfied with the way Denny Seidler managed to hold out on his own against the powerful Pfullinger faction. “Committed students, whether they are successful or not, are a blessing to every school,” said the teacher. “And we all gained experience again.”

Denny certainly won’t be bored, as now he’s also part of Theater AG and preparing with others for the big performance of the summer.

The second half of the school year with the Youth Debating Working Group is marked by fun training until the start of the next round of the competition in 2023.