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Your sign: The “pink moon” is approaching – all the signs of the zodiac will feel it

Your sign: The “pink moon” is approaching – all the signs of the zodiac will feel it

Pink full moon? What's in my sign?

Every year there is a new moon – the “Pink Moon”, also known as the Easter Moon, the Spring Moon, or more classically, the “April Full Moon” (>> read more here). The time will come on the night of April 24 (Wednesday) at 1:49 am.

Of course, the full moon doesn't glow pink, and that word has long been around. The name comes from Native Americans, who were inspired by the pink-blooming “flame flower” (phlox) and named the full moon the “pink moon” for the appropriate time of year.

Your zodiac sign: The “pink moon” affects all zodiac signs

The spring full moon – regardless of its color – still has a major impact on all twelve signs of the zodiac. Everyone feels the power of the Pink Moon in a different way.

Aries: You are experiencing an intense period of inner transformation. Come to terms with your deepest feelings. This is very important so that you can grow and develop on a personal level.

bull: Financial security is your top priority right now – but personal growth isn't a consideration. You are currently experiencing many emotions more intensely than usual. Share and say goodbye to old habits that slow you down.

twins: No one likes to do that – but sometimes it's unavoidable: personal relationships have to be put to the test from time to time. Is this person really good for me – or is the relationship broken and needs a new boost? Here, Geminis must think carefully and also think about how they communicate and interact with those around them in daily life.

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cancer: Before you can engage in new things with the power of the Moon, old wounds often have to heal first. People born with Cancer must take special time to achieve their emotional security and stability so that their relationships with their social environment are strengthened.

Lion: Already known as an asset among the zodiac signs, Leo uses the “Pink Moon” to express their creativity and passion. This can lead to you completely rethinking and setting your personal life goals.

Virgo: Break out of old patterns – and finally try something new! Virgos fully embark on the journey of personal growth. This can be accompanied by improved health and a more positive overall feeling.

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size: Libras have a classical need for harmony, and crave deep emotional connections. Even during the full pink moon, they fully focus on their personal relationships and finally work on breaking the blockages in their love life.

the scorpion: Coincidentally, the “pink moon” is a Scorpio moon! Scorpios have great opportunities during this time to develop their own potential and develop on a personal level.

Protect: Curious, Sagittarians question everything they were previously convinced of, spiritually and even philosophically. Everything has only one goal: your personal growth. It may open new horizons for your life.

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Capricorn: Here, career comes first. Everything that previously held you back must now be overcome so that you can finally put your career goals into action and become successful in the long run.

Aquarius: Anyone who opens a new door in life must also close an old one. It's not always easy, and it can be painful at times – but Aquarians currently have the opportunity to break away from old ties in order to create new freedom in their lives.

Fish: Believe more in yourself and your inner inspiration. This can help you improve your health and promote your emotional healing during this time.